2019 Blogging + Life Goals

I may not have gotten to everything on my list this year, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying.

Quick Recap

Last year, I set myself up with high expectations. Like most people, I expected 2018 to be “the” year…and like most people, I was horribly wrong. I don’t want to get too into my 5-month depressive state or the passing of a family member but instead will list the top 3 things that happened this year.

  1. Finished the manuscript to my book and sent query letters to book agents.
  2. Became an ambassador to a geeky clothing brand I’m a fan of.
  3. Got my sixth tattoo.
  4. Bonus: read a book literally a few weeks ago that changed my mindset and now I feel 1000% better about myself.

I’m just going to move on straight to the list rather than ranting about this year.

Blogging Goals 

  1. Post what I want: rather than feeling like I have to post book or movie reviews all the time, post like I did when I first started blogging. I wasn’t worried about the numbers but just wrote what I felt like writing about.
  2. Socialize more: I suck at conversation.
  3. Contact more brands: I went through a few before getting an email from  Jordandené accepting my offer to be an ambassador. It’s kind of hard with the “niche” of my blog…but I’ll keep looking.
  4. Post more stories: if you didn’t read the first chapter to a book I posted, it took a lot out of me because I am so critical of my story writing but it seemed to get good feedback and I hope to post more of those in the future.

Personal Goals

  1. Get my book published: this was #1 last year, but I also wasn’t where I am now…which is leaps and bounds further ahead. Also, mentally I feel better about rejection and just moving forward no matter how many I get.
  2. Be healthy: last year I said “get fit” which is essentially the same thing, but I’m wording it differently. I had the worst time getting into shape this year but like the first one, I have a different mentality.
  3. Get my passport and go to Canada: this is the closest I’ve gotten to Canada yet. I never had anyone to go with until my sister was like, “I exist” and I was like, “oh yeah.” Hopefully, we can go after she graduates college.
  4. Get more into crystal healing: I’ve said this so many times people are probably like, “yeah we get it.” I’m not religious, but I never had anything to “believe in” (except the Universe) so once I started believing crystals/tarot can help me I started to see a change in my mentality…(I’m noticing a theme for the year.) I also smudged myself/my house for the first time which was actually fun.
  5. Watch my spending: my mom works at a bank and watches my account so I could never really buy on a whim, but she helped me come up with a weekly spending amount and I think starting that right off the bat will tremendously help get some loans paid off.
  6. Eat less meat: I haven’t eaten beef since the beginning of the year? And it’s been months since I had pork, so I’m down to turkey, chicken, and fish but I’d still like to do more meatless days. I could live off grilled cheese and cheese quesadillas.
  7. Learn another language: I wanted to learn Japanese last year and never got around to it. I know minimal Spanish from high school, but I’d still love to actually speak one, whether it be Japanese or sign language.

I Got This

I do have some small “goals” like getting a second piercing in my ears (I had them before but they got infected) and taking my dog on more walks or writing every day, but those are the big ones. I’d also like to take more photos like I used to. I’m not talking about Instagram but I used to take a camera literally anywhere and just take pictures of whatever.

That’s pretty much all I got to say about that. I know I didn’t achieve a lot this past year, but I feel like I had to get to a better place mentally whether it be about myself and my body issues or the rejection of my book, and since I am better, I think things are going to start to happen.

Good luck to everyone and their goals/resolutions x 










5 thoughts on “2019 Blogging + Life Goals

  1. Fanna says:

    I’m sorry for your family member and I hope you’re in a better state than the five months you have gone through. I’m so happy you finished your book and sent out query letters! That’s always an accomplishment and finishing the first draft of my story is on my 2019 goals so I’m currently looking up to you ❤ I hope you hit all your goals this year 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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