Book Quibbles: Teenage Favorites

These are the books I couldn’t get enough of as a teenager.

About a year ago I did My Favorite Books Growing Up. I only included books I read from fourteen and under because, like most teenage girls, I went through a phase of only wanting to read romance books or something similar to Twilight and didn’t want to include it in a list with children’s mystery novels.



I can say I didn’t read AS much during 14-17 because I was too worried about having a boyfriend and I guess reading all the time would turn them away? I’ve complained about my teenage-self plenty of times on here.

Anyway, like I said, these are the books I was pretty much obsessed with during my early-mid teenage years.


I’ve talked about this so much this one is going to be pretty short. Basically, after a breakup, I discovered Twilight and it helped me through it. I don’t recommend that to anyone but it was there when I needed it to be, and I can’t fault it for that. Plus, my Twilight phase only lasted until the New Moon movie came out, so, not that long.



House of Night

Hey, look out for this one coming up in another “Regrettable Years” post. For now, I’ll keep it short: it’s about beautiful, tattoo wearing, special powered vampyres that definitely only sparked my interest because I read it after I read Twilight. The main character is an asshole and jokes about anorexia.

house of night wiki

House of Night Wiki

Hush Hush 

My mom got this for me as a Christmas present and I’d say out of the top three, I like this one the most. Thankfully, I got out of the vampire phase and moved onto fallen angels. The main character, Nora, falls in love with a fallen angel who could take over her body any minute so he could feel real emotions again. I think for this one I liked the angel, Patch, more than Edward, which is saying a lot.



This one…so war broke out over abortion and to appease both sides, made it legal to give your kid up by the time they turn 13 to be “unwound” which means their body gets taken apart and the organs are given to people who need them, but you have to raise them until they reach that age but it’s not “killing” them because their life is given to someone else and they essentially “live on.” At the time I was obsessed with it, and although it’s about a controversial topic, don’t see how it appeases both sides.



The Skinjacker Trilogy

I actually really like the premise of this series. Two kids don’t survive a car crash but instead of “moving on” they’re stuck halfway between life and death. They meet other kids who are stuck, basically meaning they’re not ready to move on. In this “world” they see “ghosts” of things that no longer exist, like buildings that were demolished. It’s not perfect, but I remember really liking this one.



Kissed by an Angel 

This one depressed the hell out of me. The beginning is great: two teenagers start to like each other, date, all that jazz…until the boyfriend dies in a car crash but he doesn’t move on. He stays around making sure his girlfriend is safe, trying to get messages to her that he’s watching over her. I liked that, but then the sequels came out and he started possessing a body, which I didn’t know how to feel about. I kind of wish it was just one book and ended it there.



The Hunger Games

This one came to be towards the end of my regrettable years. I remember some Youtubers recommending it and started to read it right around the time the trailer for the first movie came out, maybe before because I remember not picturing Katniss like Jennifer Lawrence but whatever. Overall, I really liked this series, but the end of the third book, after Prim dies (whoops, spoilers) annoyed me and I almost didn’t finish it.



Moving On

My reading taste has definitely changed over the years. I seemed to be big into mysteries when I was younger then moved onto romance then made my way back into mystery but I think fantasy has always been in there somehow. I’m also trying to expand the genres I read now.

I don’t want to say I regret any of these reads because at the time I loved them. During a time I wasn’t as into reading they managed to spark my interest, but that’s not saying they’re all good and I’ve already complained about being too obsessed with some.











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