TV Quibbles: The Umbrella Academy “We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals” Review

If these guys posed for the cover of teen girl magazines, I’m sure 13-year-old me would’ve had a crush on one of them.

A few years ago I got into graphic novels and went on a search to find as many new ones to read as possible.

This wasn’t one of them…but I wish it was. That being said, I won’t be comparing it to the novel.

My goal is to take my time with this series and post a review/recap for each episode, something I haven’t done since season six of The Walking Dead. We’ll see how this goes.

12th Hour on the First Day of October 1989

On the above date, 43 women gave birth, despite not being pregnant. An eccentric billionaire, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, set out to buy the children from them and ended up with seven, each given a number as a name, but their “mom” would eventually give them actual names: Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number Five, Ben, and Vanya.



Each has their own special ability aka superpower and grew up fighting crime in the public spotlight, with the exception of Vayna for certain reasons I’ll get into later.



Years later, while living their own lives, Reginald passes away and the kids reunite for a funeral, but there’s plenty of tension in the air and someone from their past returns to stop the end of the world.

I Think We’re Alone Now 

There’s something about each character that makes them likable in their own way. Despite being the same age, Luther feels like the big brother who takes the lead, Klaus (played by Robert Sheehan, who I just love watching) leaves rehab only to start taking drugs again, and Vanya is essentially shunned because she wrote an autobiography about the family…which reminded me of The Haunting of Hill House. 

One of my favorite scenes is when Luther puts on “I Think We’re Alone Now” and everyone starts dancing, despite being in different rooms in the house, and after just arguing over their dad’s death, like it’s something they did growing up.



It’s also not a friendly reunion because each of them seems to hate their dad. He wasn’t caring or loving and preferred to study them over saying goodnight. He was also the master of a talking monkey named Pogo, who reminds me of the gorilla from George of the Jungle named Ape for being intelligent and why I made that comparison I don’t know.



The Future is Shit 

The thing that kickstarts this series isn’t just the superpowered adopted family losing their dad, but their brother, Number Five, returning after missing for 17 years. And he happened to get lost in the future. Despite it only being that long for everyone else, he aged must faster in the future, and his 58-year-old consciousness is now in his younger body.



Number Five arrived after the end of the world and returns eight days before the event that caused it.


There’s a lot of questions I have after that episode. One of the biggest: Vanya is the only one who doesn’t have a special ability. Is she going to develop one over the season or remain the same? I got the feeling she would, but kind of hope she remains the “normal” one.

I also want to point out only six of them are on the poster, which means one is no longer around, and I’m curious to know what happened.



I’m excited to watch the rest of the season and find out what happened to the family along the way. I’d mention each of their abilities but found it more fun to learn about them during the episode, and it’s not just your typical invisibility or flying.

I can understand people comparing this to the X-Men, but the family dynamic and history gives it more emotional depth. I’m also curious to know about the 36 other babies born: did they also grow up with powers?


Hopefully, this enthusiasm continues and most importantly, I don’t binge the remaining nine episodes in a day.







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