Unboxing: LitJoy February 2019 “Viva La Magic”

Love. Magic. Revolution.

It’s been a while since I did an unboxing, but after some crates I was subscribed to for years were canceled, I’ve bought a few to try out, and LitJoy became a favorite.

Enchantée by Gita Trelease 

Enchantee is Gita Trelease’s lush and imaginative debut fantasy about an impoverished magic-wielding girl, her devotion to her family, and her dangerous plot. 


I’ve seen people talking about this book, but haven’t looked into it. And after reading the synopsis am pretty excited to read it. If I were just browsing a book store, I’d probably look over this and I’d assume it wasn’t something I would usually read, but I am open to reading anything new lately and am glad I received it in the crate.

LitJoy Edition of Enchantée

There are some things in the crate that specifically relate to the book, such as a reversible dust jacket, a signed edition, and an author letter with a Marie Antoinette art print by @bloodydamnit.


Six of Crows Magnetic Bookmark 

I’ll be honest, I’ve never read this series. It’s one of those I think I’d end up liking, but there are always so many books on my TBR I end up forgetting about it.


However, my sister is a huge fan, so I’m giving them to her.

Macaron Keychain 

This keychain may be the cutest thing ever. Funny enough, I’ve tried to make macarons twice and failed both times, so I don’t know if this is motivation for me or a reminder that they continue to kick my ass.


However, I’ve been wanting to get a new keychain and this came at the right time.

Paris Stickers

It’s stickers, so it’s already great, but I love the Paris theme.


Caraval Sequins Pillow Cover 

Hey, another book I haven’t read yet, but the message, “Hope is a powerful thing,” can still resonate with a lot of people. And the sequins are a lot of fun to play with.


I just need to buy a pillow.

Hot Air Balloon Necklace

I love this necklace. It says in the information book that it’s based off a scene in Enchantée that involves a hot air balloon, which now I’m even more interested to read.


It’s not huge but still detailed. I just need to find a time where I actually dress up to leave the house to wear it.

Marie Antoinette Enamel Pin and Cupcake Socks

I don’t have a picture of these because they’re shipping a bit late, so everyone should receive them at the beginning of March, something I didn’t even know about until looking at their Instagram. It’s funny because I already thought I got a lot in the box and now there’s even more.

LitJoy Collectors Trading Cards 

Classic Characters 

The characters in this month’s trading card set are from Jane Eyre, Persuasion, and The Count of Monte Cristo. 


I actually love getting little things like these in boxes. I think they’re great photo props and this month represents classic Rags to Riches characters. Also, The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favorite stories.



I love how everything in the crate relates to the book. This is my first LitJoy box, although I’ve bought them for other people before, you get your money. I was surprised by the number of items and am excited for next month, which is Superman-themed.








3 thoughts on “Unboxing: LitJoy February 2019 “Viva La Magic”

  1. TheCaffeinatedReader says:

    Ah what a great unboxing! I haven’t read the book yet but I think it just looks so pretty and I mean now I kinda have to now that I know there’s a hot air balloon involved at some point. I haven’t read SoC or Caraval either but the bookmarks are super cute and I love the cushion cover ❤

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