Top 6: February 2019 Favorites

Here are the shows, movies, books, and miscellaneous I enjoyed last month.

I’m going to try to do this every month, just because I’m reading more than usual since signing up on Net Galley and sometimes I like to mention my favorites, and sometimes I just can’t get to everything especially with work and things happening with my book while trying to get back on a workout schedule and getting better at socializing with other bloggers.

I also want to start learning Spanish again.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from last month.

1.) The Umbrella Academy (Review)

What a shocker. I posted a review for the first episode, and if you read that you’ll know I wanted to do a review each week and try not to binge all the episodes at once…I’m telling you that I am weak and that’s exactly what I did. I’ll admit it. I want to do a review or some kind of post for the entire season, but I’m still working on it.



Basically, if you’ve heard about it but aren’t sure, give it a watch because it’s been one of the most entertaining binges I’ve had in a while.

2.) The Stonewall Riots (Review)

This one I gave a mini review for in my LGBTQ+ Book Reviews and I gave it 5 stars. I find it an informational yet interesting to read. It basically talks about the events leading up to the Stonewall Riots, as well as the riots themselves, which not a lot of people know about, as well as the people in the forefront of the standoff.



If you don’t know much about it or want to learn about the other riots and standoffs that happened within the LGBTQ+ community during a time where it was illegal, then this is a huge recommendation.

3.) The Sims 4: StrangerVille (Review) 

This one’s been a bit of a controversy within the Sims community, but I enjoyed playing through the new game pack and would again. I like the world, the different CAS and build and buy items, and think it’s a fun change-up to the regular game style.

02-27-19_2-14-38 PM

Sure I can understand the complaints, I even made some in my review, but overall, would recommend it.

4.) Shaun Week: Insane Focus

I don’t talk about fitness or working out like ever, except when I complain I need to get back into shape, but thankfully I’ve gotten back into it at the end of January and February and the reason for that is Shaun T. He’s a fitness instructor whose workouts I’ve been doing since 2014. Hands down he’s my favorite and somehow always motivates me even when I don’t want to workout. This is only available on Beach Body On Demand but is something to look into if you have it.

beachbody me

Beach Body

I thoroughly enjoyed getting my ass kicked and me yelling at the screen, “I don’t want to do that Shaun!” And his actual response being, “Get over it.”

5.) Rocketman Trailer 

I love Elton John and have a crush on Taron Egerton so this one speaks for itself.

But seriously, I am pretty excited for this movie. I grew up listening to Elton John and some of his songs are some of my favorites, like “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” is my favorite love song and I love The Lion King soundtrack.



And again, Taron Egerton, who should get more attention than he does.

6.) The Jonas Brothers Return

I could not do this post without mentioning this. I LOVED The Jonas Brothers when I was in middle school and into high school. I had a huge crush on Joe and my best friend had a crush on Nick. Their posters lined my bedroom walls, which I’m sure made some ex-boyfriends jealous but they don’t matter because they’re no longer in my life, but guess who is…the Jonas Brothers.



Bonus: The American Rescue Dog Show 

This happened one night as my mom was browsing what to watch and when she found this, I immediately dropped whatever I was doing. Like the name of the show says, this dog show centers around rescues and are in categories like “Best Butt Wiggle” or “Best Couch Potato” and the winner of those are then in the finals, and out of them, is one winner overall. None are graded on their appearance or their type of breed.



Now that I know this exists, I’ll make sure to watch it every year.

Honorable Mentions 

I have a book review scheduled but then plan on doing my first travel post after next weekend as I’m actually leaving the house and going somewhere new.








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