Top 6: March 2019 Favorites

A list of my favorite books, movies, shows, and miscellaneous from the month of March.

Here we are again. There was a lot to read and watch this month, which was great but also made it harder to create this list. If you’d like to check out this year’s favorites so far:

x January 2019 Favorites

x February 2019 Favorites 

1.) Someday Is Not a Day in the Week by Sam Horn 

motivational book


I plan on doing a mini review of this down the road, but I preordered this book months ago and was surprised to see it in the mail. I do this a lot.

But this is a motivational book that pushes you to do what you want with your life. If you want to travel cross country, move to the city, do what you love for a living (I just mentioned everything I want to do) it gives you that boost to get there. What got me was the opening chapter and the author talking about her father wanting to visit every National Park in the US after he retired, and weeks after he retired, he died. It just hit me that I should do what I want now and not wait.

2.) Project Runway Season 17

I’ve watched Project Runway since it first aired. I’m amazed I never got into fashion but feel I have some sense of style…(my family laughs)

project runway

Gold Derby

This is the first season (not counting All-Stars) without Heidi Klum hosting and Tim Gunn mentoring. Tim has always been a reason I love the show so much, so with everything new, I wasn’t sure if I would like it. But Christian Siriano is the new mentor and Karlie Kloss is the new host and so far, I’m enjoying it a lot. I love that they’re still using models of different sizes

3.) You Are Enough by Jen Petro-Roy 

self help book


Another self-care book that I preordered and forgot about, this is a guide to body image and eating disorder recovery. I’ve never been diagnosed with an eating disorder but I’m about 99% sure I have body dysmorphia. I’ve always had problems with my body and it didn’t take long for Jen’s words to sink in.

Don’t limit yourself and don’t call it a diet. Eat what you want but in moderation and take care of yourself. I’m just simplifying but overall, even though I haven’t finished it yet whoops, it’s actually helped changed my perspective.

4.) Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer 

I feel like Stranger Things is one of those shows that sits in the back of my head, waiting to return so when the trailer dropped I was excited and it looks great.

stranger things


I hope to see Joyce and Hopper FINALLY get together, more Steve and Dustin and just the kids overall. Yeah, I don’t really have a lot to say about this except it excited me.

5.) The Walking Dead Season 9

Last month this was under “Honorable Mentions,” but this month took a turn and I’m enjoying the show like I used to. It’s been tense and the Whisperers are such a big and different threat. I’m writing this after the next to the last episode aired, which showed some of the most brutal deaths.

carol and ezekiel


Even without Rick and Carl and Maggie, I still tune in every week. There were a few “meh” seasons in there, All Out War lasted way too long, but even the filler episodes this season haven’t been that bad. I’m glad I can put this back on my favorites list.

6.) Your Heart Is The Sea by Nikita Gill 

poetry book



If you want a longer discussion you can check out my recent review of this poetry book, but just like Fierce Fairytales, I love this book. I felt like Fairytales was empowering and this leans more towards letting go, moving on, and taking care of yourself. Of remembering that you survived everything before and you will survive anything to come.

Honorable Mentions

  • “Phantoms” Album – Marianas Trench
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11
  • oh no by Alex Norris
  • Queer Eye Season 3

Next month more shows are returning, like Cloak and Dagger and The 100, I’m seeing another musical, and of course Avengers: Endgame (I’m sure I’m missing more) so there will be a lot to talk about and hopefully I can get to it all.








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