Personal Quibbles: Quarterly Goal Update

Three months into the year, how have my goals come so far?

Since I don’t do many lifestyles/personal posts, I thought if I did this every three months to not only stay updated on what I’ve accomplished but to keep myself accountable, then I can push myself for the next three months to get even more done.

At the beginning of the year, I posted some big goals to accomplish.

1.) Get My Book Published 

I am happy to say…I have an editor. She recently went through and fixed any grammatical errors and gave suggestions to help with the story. Now that I’ve gone through everything, I feel much more confident sending queries to agents. I’m getting there.

2.) Be Healthy and Workout Regularly + Eat Less Meat

This one’s had its ups and downs. When I feel drained or stressed or pissed off from work (since I’m on my feet all day), I don’t work out as much and I tend to stress eat, so some weeks I’ll do well and others I fall off track. As of the last week, I’ve been doing well and hopefully, I’ll keep it up. I have lost some inches since the start of the year (I don’t weigh myself), but my main goal is to get stronger again.

The second part was to go meatless two days a week, which I have done most of the time. Some days I might eat one thing with meat like soup so I’ve definitely cut back.

3.) Learn Another Language 

I signed up on Duolingo and started re-learning Spanish. I took four years in high school and enjoyed it, but my last two years were such a waste since my class always goofed off and my teacher didn’t care because he was retiring. I’m already on level seven and try to do at least three lessons a day.

4.) Get My Passport and Travel 

I do have my passport (card, I didn’t have the money to get a book yet) and plan to travel to Niagara Falls with my sister in May. Other than that, I have traveled more. I did my first travel post and even went to new places where I live, like shops or a dog park. Since it’s getting warmer, I’m expecting to get out even more.

5.) Positive Affirmations

I try hard every day to tell myself positive affirmations from something as small as “I am confident” to the big things I want to accomplish like “I am a published author.” Any time I start thinking negatively I stop and force myself to be positive. Easier said than done.

6.) Read Two Books a Month 

I’ve exceeded this since I signed up on NetGalley.

7.) Post More & Socialize On My Blog 

I’m proud of myself for this. I’ve posted twice a week (at least) since the beginning of the year and comment on other’s posts more often. I try to take some time during each day to read posts and socialize on Twitter. Another small victory: I’ve beaten my monthly views each month, so in March, I beat my February views by at least 100. I also got to 600 followers.

8.) Watch My Spending

This needs the most work. I tend to impulsively buy things that I don’t really need. A good example is, I read a book that motivated me to do something I always wanted to do, so I bought a punching bag, not realizing I couldn’t afford a stand and hanging it from the ceiling would probably result in a hole, so now I’m not sure what to/where to put it.

More Small Victories 

  • wrote every day
  • read every day
  • read more non-fiction books
  • did my first book tour & received my first book in the mail to review

April Goals 

  1. Workout 4-5 times a week.
  2. Send five queries to agents per week (I try to spread it out rather than sent to twenty at once.)
  3. Meditate 2-3 times a week.
  4. Keep everything up that I have so far.
  5. Give myself one “yolo” meal a week but eat much better and cut back on tea.
  6. Look for new jobs and get out of the one I have (not so much a goal, but if it happens, I’ll be so happy.)

Good luck to everyone and their goals and hopefully in three months I’ll have more to talk about and succeeded with some of my own.



I’ll end this with some of my favorite posts from the year so far.

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12 thoughts on “Personal Quibbles: Quarterly Goal Update

  1. Bexa says:

    It sounds like you have had a great year so far, Meagan! Getting your book published is super exciting, I wish you all the success and congrats on getting an editor! I’m also trying to be more healthy too but I totally understand the stress eating, why is everything that is so tasty so bad for us, ha ha. Good luck with your goals lovely, looking forward to read about your progress! Have an awesome weekend ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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