Book Quibbles: The Tea Dragon Society

Learn the art of Tea Dragons.

A little review for a little book. My sister let me borrow this, assuming I would like it, months ago. I can’t believe it took me this long to read it.

Tea Dragon Apprentice 

The book follows the main character, Greta, through the four seasons as she learns about the art of Tea Dragons. She’s an apprentice at her mother’s blacksmith shop but is also eager to learn more about the world. When she finds a dragon cornered in an alley, she saves and returns it to its owner, Hesekiel, a tea shop owner, and his partner Erik.

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From their first encounter, Greta wants to learn more about the dragons, how to care for them and meets new friends along the way.

The Tea Dragon Society 

Long ago, a Tea Dragon Society existed, caring for the rare creatures and using the leaves that grow off their horns to make tea. Each dragon represents a different tea, like Ginseng and Jasmine The back of the book even provides information into caring for them and the different types that are out there.

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Greta, Hesekiel, Erik, and a mysterious girl Minette who has little to no memory of her life, form a new society to care for the creatures.


The artwork is adorable. I love the detail and it’s cute to look at. All the characters, especially the dragons, are unique in their design. Everyone is diverse.

It’s short, but it’s the type of story you’ll want to go back and read again, whether it would be to revisit the characters, the artwork, or the Tea Dragons that you can’t get enough of.

tea dragon society


Yes, I want a Tea Dragon now and I’ll be getting my own copy.

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