25 Facts About 25-Year-Old Me

Today’s my birthday so here’s a post no one asked for.

In honor of my birthday and 25 years on this planet, I decided to do this post because it was either this or 25 Things I Learned and to be honest that one wasn’t as interesting, so here you go.

  1. I used to sleepwalk when I was little. Apparently, I tried escaping the house and my parents would just tell me to go back to bed and I would. I only remember waking up once and found myself standing in the middle of the stairs.
  2. I also used to talk in my sleep and my sister and I would have conversations.
  3. When I sleep (I didn’t mean for all these sleep-related facts) I don’t usually snore or talk (anymore) but make a sighing noise that can be described like “MMMM…mmmm.”
  4. I can’t sleep well without my dog in the room.
  5. I have to drink water immediately after waking up.
  6. I tend to do my best writing in the middle of the night, half delirious but I can’t stay awake that long anymore to do said-best writing.
  7. I only ever stayed awake all night once at a friend’s sleepover when I was 12. My limit is usually 4 am.
  8. Bloody Mary used to freak me the hell out as a kid. My friends would do it at sleepovers or in the bathroom at school and I downright refused to be in the same room with them.
  9. I also refuse to stay over if someone brings out an Ouji Board. I almost left a sleepover just a few years ago because they talked about using it. Don’t mess with that shit.
  10. When I was 9 or 10 a boy in my class slapped me. Actually slapped me across the face because I was talking and annoying him. Needless to say, he got in trouble thanks to my friend telling on him.
  11. I haven’t dated since high school…partially because I spent many of those years dealing with my anxiety and depression and partially I don’t have any desire to.
  12. I used to sneak onto my parent’s computers and phones to talk to my first boyfriend. Hi Mom!
  13. The earliest I remember wanting to be a writer is eight.
  14. For some time I thought about going to school for marine biology or criminal justice.
  15. I’d love to work with animals for a living, but I can barely watch them get hurt.
  16. I have eczema and get dry patches on my face and hands.
  17. Because I have so much hair and it’s so thick, I can go a week before washing it.
  18. Two girls I played volleyball with made fun of my arm hair, so I trimmed it, and they made fun of me for that. It’s naturally dark so from the time I was 8/9 I was picked on for it so now I shave it when it gets too noticeable. Thank you childhood assholes.
  19. Same with any facial hair. I started doing my own eyebrows when I was 13.
  20. I’ve never been out of the country despite living 5 hours from Canada.
  21. When I was a baby, the song “Dream On” by Aerosmith calmed me down and helped me fall asleep.
  22. I played softball for ten years, basketball for five, and volleyball for four. I’ve also done tumbling, cheerleading, soccer, and was part of the Girl Scouts for a year.
  23. Before every softball game, I had to listen to “Another One Bites the Dust,” by Queen.
  24. When I was 14, I made Youtube videos. It was during a time at school when we read The Outsiders and I became a bit too obsessed with the movie and made compilations.
  25. I save spiders.

Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m 25. I know “age is just a number” but sometimes I legitimately think I’m 21 or 22. I feel like I’m actually 3 or 4 years behind my age.

Maybe I’ll make a bucket-list…list of things I want to do within the next five years, so look out for that.


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12 thoughts on “25 Facts About 25-Year-Old Me

  1. Emily says:

    Happy birthday! I’m 26 so just one year old lol. My hair is also really thick, with or without layers! I once tried to date my childhood friend but it was only because of peer pressure that we tried to but I ended it not long after because I was getting uncomfortable. He was pretty sad when I broke it off but we’re still friends today. I haven’t dated ever since because I’ve just been too busy doing other things like maintaining friendships and getting my career going. Also the song “Secret” by Madonna would calm me down when I was little.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. selfcaresloth says:

    Happy belated birthday! I know what you mean about feeling too young for your age… I think it happens to a lot of us! We’re all just winging this adult thing anyway!
    I would definitely recommend some kind of goals/bucket list – I recently posted a ‘30 before 30’ list on my blog and I found it really fun and helpful to sit down and write a list of goals 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. BookishVegan says:

    Happy belated birthday and I used to sleep walk and sleep talk when I was little too. Definitely gave my parents a fright and my grandparents as well, hehe 🙂
    I actually used to be scared of spiders but I could never kill them, now I grew over my fear and save them too.
    Great post and I loved reading these facts about you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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