Top 6: LGBTQIA+ Fictional Characters

I’m pretty disappointed with myself for the lack of Pride posts this month so hopefully, this is the start of making up for that.

These are LGBTQIA+ characters from numerous tv shows, books, movies, etc. who I enjoy watching or reading. It can be a huge thing for characters to come out and can bring real-life inspiration to those watching.

And these are the shows, books, movies, I’ve watched. I know there are plenty of other characters out there, I just haven’t gotten the chance to meet them yet.

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1.) Clarke Griffin (The 100) 

Clarke holds the #1 position for a few reasons. When I was going through some questioning of my own sexuality, I started to watch The 100 and it was around this time Clarke was announced as a bisexual character so, in a way, she helped me. She never came out on screen, but then again no one on the show has to, and she’s been with men and women since.



Despite how people feel about her character choices, she still holds a special place as one of my favorite female characters and it’s great seeing an openly gay female lead.

2.) Karolina Dean (Marvel’s Runways) 

I’ve gushed about Karolina so many times but I’m still bringing her up. And AGAIN, Karolina is the first openly gay superhero on the screen while also being one of the main characters. It took her some time to figure it out, while also figuring out her powers and where she comes from. She’s a glowing rainbow alien and I love her.



3.) Korra (The Legend of Korra) 

Again with the bisexual lead, but I loved the moment at the end of the series when Korra and Asami traveled to the spirit world together. There’s plenty more of them in the graphic novels (which I have reviewed) but this was such a big deal, not only as a show on Nickelodeon but being the Avatar, Korra is constantly in the spotlight and it brings forth a discussion within the Universe.



4.) Lola (Kinky Boots)

I’m always listening to the Kinky Boots soundtrack and Lola’s parts are some of my favorites. From how she grew up, her father wanting her to box to be more masculine, to becoming a Drag Queen, she’s a great character with great messages for anyone.



5.) Paul “Jesus” Monroe (The Walking Dead) 

Don’t get me started on his death…I haven’t gotten to the point in the comics where we meet Jesus so I’m only going off the show. He had so much potential going in being a skilled fighter and negotiator. I wish he got the screentime I know he has in the comics and even though he was never in a (confirmed) relationship, Jesus coming out was still a big part of the show.



6.) Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who) 

It didn’t take long for Captain Jack to become one of my favorite Doctor Who characters. He dates whoever he wants and identifies as omnisexual and I’m glad the show showed that. His sexuality aside, Captain Jack is a fun-loving character who brought so much life to the show.



Honorable Mentions

  • Asami Sato (The Legend of Korra)
  • Klaus Hargreeves/#4 (The Umbrella Academy)
  • Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments)
  • Lito Rodriguez (Sense8)
  • Captain Holt (Brooklyn 99)
  • Cecil Palmer (Welcome to Night Vale)
  • Mr. Simmons (Hey Arnold)
  • Charlie Bradbury (Supernatural)
  • Wren (The Girls of Paper and Fire)
  • Theodora Crain (The Haunting of Hill House)
  • Shiro (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
  • Kurt Hummel (Glee)
  • Blaine Anderson (Glee)
  • Ambrose Spellman (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
  • Oberyn Martell (Game of Thrones)
  • Commander Lexa (The 100)

Who are your favorite LGBTQIA+ characters?



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6 thoughts on “Top 6: LGBTQIA+ Fictional Characters

  1. filmandgamereviewguy says:

    I love reprsentation of LGBTQI+ people on screen it shows how far TV and movies have come in regards to inclusion. I also am happy with the amount of recognition on screen that Autism is getting. Feel free to read my articles on the subject and let me know what ya think.

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