Book Quibbles: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1: Squirrel Power

A girl with all the powers of a squirrel.

I discovered Squirrel Girl while watching the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series and couldn’t believe this character existed and I never heard of her. I knew from that moment, I needed to read her comic.

She’s a Human And Also a Squirrel 

From the opening panel, you know who Squirrel Girl is instantly. She has her own theme song, although it hasn’t caught on yet, and fights crime with her best squirrel friend, Tippy-Toe. She’s “living” in Avenger’s Tower and is ready to start her college career to major in computer science, but crime keeps popping back into her life.

Meanwhile, she’s going by her alter ego, Doreen Green, making new friends, and trying not to be late for class while she saves the world.

squirrel girl

Squirrel Power 

If you watch Marvel movies but haven’t read any comics, I highly recommend it as it’s so amusing to see how different the comic universe is. One of my favorite parts of this comic is Squirrel Girl pulling out trading cards created by Deadpool which gives information on villains and their accessories which helps her in a fight.

squirrel girl

She can jump and move with the agility of a squirrel and even call in her squirrel army when needing the extra muscle.

One of my favorite jokes in the comic is a chipmunk accidentally joining the army.

It’s hilarious.

cannonball read

I also love the design of Squirrel Girl. She’s realistic and drawn like a normal person (well, with characteristics of a squirrel.) I expected the artwork to be detailed and colorful and that’s how it is.


Squirrel Girl is such a fun-loving, relatable superhero and uses her smarts over her strengths to kick ass, but still has her squirrel powers because it really puts into perspective how interesting squirrels are. Think of how fast they are, how they climb, jump…use nuts, she can do it all. And she has a tail.

squirrel girl

I’m super excited to read more volumes of Squirrel Girl and to see who else she can beat.

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