July 2019 Roundup + Favorites

What’s been going on in July and my personal favorites.

It’s been a while. This is only my third post this month, but I just didn’t feel like blogging and decided to take time off from doing too much while I dealt with shit at work and the overall “blah” feeling of July.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that I started to get back into my “groove” and I’m happy the slump is ending. So for this post, I’m just catching up on what happened this month (not much) and my what my favorites were.

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Out of the year so far, this is the month I felt the most stuck and like I wasn’t going anywhere…literally. I was always working except for the weekend I got off in the middle of the month. I didn’t start any new books, got nowhere with my own, and barely posted on my blog. I have been working out and eating pretty well. That’s about it.

I needed time to mentally get back into everything. I didn’t want to force myself to post or write. I wasn’t using my planner or keeping up with the blogging and writing community in general.

Work…I have my ups and downs with my job. For a few months, everything is fine. No drama, not feeling overly stressed, but then there are times when shit hits the fan like it’s making up for that slow time. People quit, put in their two weeks, everyone was stressed and it felt like a literal ticking time bomb and one wrong move and someone would explode.

I bet money on myself being that someone. I was not. Yet.

Whether you believe in Mercury Retrograde or not, it has been happening all month, which does cause people to feel sluggish and like they’re not getting anywhere. It pretty much describes how it’s been for me.

I’m posting this on the 31st but haven’t done the one thing I was looking forward to all month, hell for the past nine months. As I’m posting this, in twelve hours, I’m going to see Queen & Adam Lambert. I’m pretty excited, it’s basically my late birthday present, and I’m going to do a separate post on that later this week.


1.) Stranger Things 3 

THIS is the reason for my slump. Not really, but kind of. This is what started it all because I couldn’t get a damn review written for it.

I loved this season, I binged it all within three days (which is pretty good for me.) I loved the overall plot, the threat, Alexei, El and Max’s friendship, Steve, Dustin, and Robin, Alexei…

And my sister wouldn’t stop sending me Stranger Things memes.

stranger things 3


2.) TheTimTracker 

Tim and his wife Jen are travel vloggers on Youtube and I discovered them at the beginning of the month when the travel bug was hitting me. This is also around the time the slump started and the only thing I did was watch their videos.

the tim tracker


The first one I came across was their experience on a Disney Cruise and from there have watched their trips to Hawaii, Japan, while honestly reviewing these places, the experience, and food. It’s one of the things I really like about them. Also, their dog. And Jen’s pregnant so as of now, they’re going easy on the traveling.

3.) Good Omens

I started Good Omens in June and watched three episodes then finished the series this month. I planned on watching it with my mom and sister but since they didn’t feel like it, finished it on my own.

good omens


There were times I found myself comparing it to Supernatural, but that’s because the creator of Supernatural was actually inspired by the book, so I actually kind of knew the lure even though I’m not religious, but obviously you don’t have to be to enjoy the show. I love the little things like God being a woman and a demon and angel basically being a married couple.

If you have Amazon, I’d highly recommend it. I also loved them using all Queen songs throughout the season.

4.) His Dark Materials Trailer 

Honestly, I haven’t read the entire series but I did read The Golden Compass way back…I might’ve been between the ages of 9-12 and I haven’t read it since. I want to try to before the series comes out, but from what I remember (and I remember a good bit of the book which is surprising) I really enjoyed it and I’m excited about the show.

his dark materials hbo



x Book Quibbles: “Lock Every Door” Review

x Personal Quibbles: Blogging Burnout & Writer’s Block

What’s Next

I have about nine days until I go on vacation and ten until I’m on my way to Virginia Beach. I don’t plan on posting anything that week unless it’s raining and I’m stuck in the hotel room but should have plenty to write about after.

I also created a Fiverr account for beta reading, reviewing books, writing articles, and transcription, if anyone’s interested.



I hope this is the start of me posting and socializing again.

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