Book Quibbles: “Amethyst” Book One of The Jewel Series – Review

She’s 1 of 12 reincarnated beings in her world, and she has no idea.

I was sent a copy of the book in exchange for a paid review and would like to thank the author, Emilie Vainqueur. This was such a nice, refreshing read after my recent reading drought.





Book One of The Jewel Series 

Author: Emilie Vainqueur

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Publication Date: June 23, 2019

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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She’s 1 of 12 reincarnated beings in her world, and she has no idea. Amethyst, named after her birthstone, was born with the powers of Mother Nature. Oblivious to the full extent of her abilities, Amethyst rifles through the Devil’s Backbone and borrows the night as a jewel thief. She’s always snuck around in the dark because of her glowing eyes.

It was something she was forced to get used to, but when she meets the Black Flame for the first time, she discovers just what her powers are capable of, and together, they open a new portal of life—

or death.


It’s is a short read, but I read it all in one sitting.

This one came out of nowhere and I became so immersed in the world. The book starts out with ten-year-old Amethyst going about her daily life of bickering siblings (Diamond and Garnet), crushing on her friend Axel, and hiding the fact that she has purple eyes.

Amethyst isn’t aware of why her eyes are different but her dad reminds her it’s “a gift.”

As I said, what starts out as daily life takes a turn I wasn’t expecting. There are a few small signs indicating something is wrong, but what I thought was going happen didn’t, and when something else did I was like, “Oh shit.”

In a good way, the book turns out to be darker than I expected and if you’re into those types of stories, I’d highly recommend this.

The characters are likable and Amethyst’s family feels like a real family. When shit gets real, it takes you back for a moment, especially because it involves her younger siblings, one being five.


Not to spoil too much, a ten-year time jump got me even more excited for the next installment. I’d love to see how much not only Amethyst has changed, but her life and world. I’d also like to get to know her better, as I wish we got to this time around but so much happened.

At this point, I don’t have a lot of theories either, but like Amethyst, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the events that I’m sure we’ll start to get answers to next time around.

If you’re a fan of fantasy, action, adventure, with a bit of romance (it wasn’t huge in this book) then I’d highly recommend Amethyst. It’s the type of story you’ll have a hard time putting down once the action gets started.


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    ’12 is a really specific number of re-incarnated folks! ;)’
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