Does Anyone Remember “So Weird?”

No one in my family believes this show is real.

When I think about shows I grew up with, So Weird is on the list. I vividly remember watching So Weird at my grandparent’s house, later in the night. Unfortunately, the one person I watched the show with, my grandma, passed away.



Just to get this over with right away, this is the opening song for the show.

In short: So Weird is about teenager Fiona “Fi” Phillips who runs her own website about the paranormal phenomena that seems to follow her around. Her mom is on tour and Fi encounters something odd in every city they go. The end of the second season actually explained this but the actress left and we never got to see the end of Fi’s story or the huge plotline for season three (season three did happen but with a different story and actress. I didn’t watch it.)



Alongside was her brother, Jack, who encountered everything and yet was still the biggest skeptic on the show…

I actually binged the show on Youtube years ago but before that, also questioned if the show was real. I remembered some episodes but wasn’t sure if I was making it up. One that stuck with me is called, “Memory.” Fi and her family arrive in this small town to fix their bus but no one can remember what happened from the previous day and blamed it on the intense heat.

Turns out aliens crashed, needed to fix their ship, then made sure no one remembered them or else they got intense headaches.

And that’s the show, Fi trying to prove to everyone the paranormal exists, but it wasn’t just aliens or ghosts or werewolves (although they did happen.) One extremely good episode revolves around her mom returning to her hometown and remembering her best friend, Rebecca, disappearing. Turns out, Rebecca and her family live long lives and never age so they had to move often.

Why Does Any Of This Matter?

I’ve done a few posts on the paranormal, one being my Top 6: Mythological Creatures, but for the longest time I couldn’t figure out my fascination with them. Hell, when I was seven, my best friend at the time and I checked out books on UFO’s and aliens. Really.

Growing up I watched paranormal shows and still do. I write stories involving the paranormal, and this may be the source of all that.

So Weird aired from 1999-2001 and I was 5-7 at the time, which fits my weird year-long obsession with aliens.

But most importantly, I wrote and researched this entire post, just to prove to my Mom, I didn’t make this show up. Maybe (hopefully) they’ll include it in Disney Plus and I can rewatch it again in better quality than Youtube’s 480p with my family so I can go “HA” before every episode.

However, one of the bigger questions, as a self-proclaimed wimp growing up, how the hell did I not only watch but enjoy this show?

*Sidenote: I’ve wanted to do this post for a while, but it’s also tying me over as I’m going on vacation next week and don’t plan on posting. I have movies, shows, and books downloaded to watch so I should have a bunch of things to talk about when I get back.*


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