The Sims 4: Moschino Stuff Pack Review

This is the last pack I planned on buying.

When the Sims announced the Moschino Pack, I had no desire to buy it. I figured it would be like My First Pet Stuff, but I watched the trailer, reviews on Youtube, gameplay and became interested. I wanted to give the pack a chance.

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Beginning the Photography Career 

For this review, I’ll be using my Sim, Jewel Mack, as an example. Jewel wants to be a fashion photographer and moves to San Myshuno to do that. She sets up a small studio in her apartment with some extra money she saved and starts the career.

The basics of the career are you join freelance photography and choose your gig, much like the other freelance jobs. Make sure you have your camera and marks for the Sim to stand on and either hire a model or use Sims in your household or friends.

08-17-19_3-15-25 PM

As long as you match the job requirements, whether it be every day or swim clothing, and send the photos for approval, you’ll get the job done. Some jobs require you to receive the approved photos back and upload them to your computer, which can take a few days.

As I waited for Jewel’s approved photos to return in the mail, I found myself with nothing for Jewel to do. So to fix this I…forced her into a marriage with Miko, started her in the style influencer career, and made them fix all the appliances in the apartment that broke overnight only for Jewel to die from electrocution.

08-17-19_12-05-42 PM

For the sake of this review, I revived Jewel, remarried her and Miko, and started over.

I knew there was a big chance of her dying and made her fix the refrigerator anyway. No book of life here, just good old MC Command Center.

On an extra note, I hired a mechanic the second time it happened (I moved her into that apartment with gremlins, so that’s my fault) and then the mechanic died from electrocution. It was a fun time. Grim basically became part of the family.

08-17-19_2-48-53 PM

Beginning the Photography Career Part 2

When no photos arrived in the mail, I figured there was a glitch so I went on Reddit and found out you should take and send your photos while in landscape, as in the wide photo, which I wasn’t doing because I wanted to get the Sim’s entire outfit in the picture, but I can confirm, landscape will allow the photos to be sent back.

And if you can’t find the approved photos in your Sim’s inventory, check the household inventory.

08-17-19_2-24-27 PM

I found myself addicted to the career. If I didn’t have to upload them to the computer and finished the gig after getting them approved, I started a new one right away. If there were no gigs to start, I had Miko pose and upped Jewel’s photography skill.

Basically, once I figured out what the issue was and the gameplay went more smoothly, I enjoyed it a lot.


  • I quite like the few, new CAS items that come with the pack. I like the new slick back hair and curly short-do, as well as the female jackets. I can see myself using them a lot.

08-18-19_9-20-36 AM

  • The Build & Buy objects make the pack worth it. I found myself loving the new wallpapers, the couch and armchair, even the thought-bubble mirror. There are some clutter items such as a camera and magazines which are a nice extra.

08-17-19_11-44-18 AM

  • A photography career wasn’t something I wanted but it’s a lot of fun. Planning out the outfits, creating a studio, changing the way the Sims pose. The pay is pretty good and I like all the different gig options.
  • To reiterate from the last point, you can go into CAS and plan out the model’s outfit. It’s an easy way to give Sims a makeover and I think that’s my favorite part.
  • Since there can be a lot of time between gigs, this will allow your Sim to start up a new hobby or fix all the appliances in the house and die from electrocution while their wife stands there and cleans.
  • But seriously, I had Jewel read the photography skill books and take pictures around the city and house to level up her skill.

08-17-19_12-20-24 PM

  • Despite this being a collaboration, they didn’t throw the Moschino brand in your face. Excluding the few CAS items, everything can be used in any type of gameplay.


  • Honestly, I expected more in CAS. Since Moschino is a clothing and accessory brand, I figured that would make up most of the pack. You don’t get a lot for female or male and kids and toddlers don’t get anything.
  • And not all the CAS items are very good. I don’t hate that new tuxedo jacket/shirt as much as everyone else, I could see myself using it for Halloween, but it’s not something I would willingly use.

08-18-19_9-21-01 AM

  • The photography career is fun, but if you have to wait for the approved photos, then your Sim pretty much has nothing to do. Like I said, if you don’t have to wait for the approved photos, then it’s quick, but the waiting is the worst part.

08-17-19_11-44-48 AM

  • I wish we could create a separate lot for the studio, like with restaurants or businesses. Once the gigs become bigger, so does space you need and being in a smaller apartment doesn’t help.

Is It Worth It? 

As a score, I’d give it a B, 3/5 stars, something I can see myself using in the future, but may not be the first thing I’d pick. I wish there was more in CAS. I wish the photography career had more options rather than just fashion but as someone who had little to no expectations for this pack, it pleasantly surprised me.

Before the trailer came out, I had no interest in this pack, but once it did, my views slightly changed. If you were like me, then I’d give this pack a chance. If the trailer didn’t sway your opinion at all, then save your money for the next one.


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