The Sims 4: Realm of Magic Review

I can finally fulfill my lifelong dream of making food appear out of thin air.

For today’s review, I will be using my Sim-self, Meagan Lamb, to play through Realm of Magic with. Becoming a witch Spellcaster immediately got my 8-year-old self who pretended to cast Harry Potter spells with sticks excited.

Including current me, who may or may not still do the same thing.

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Like my other reviews, I’m going to talk a bit about the pack, then give my pros and cons, and eventually if I think it’s worth it.

I just wanted to say, I’m not someone who grew up playing The Sims. I preferred Zoo and Roller Coaster Tycoon, so I won’t be comparing any packs to previous Sim games.

Moving to Glimmerbrook

I gave my Sim a makeover, dressing her in the new clothes and moving her into a premade house in Glimmerbrook. I then spent the next few hours renovating the house because I, along with my Sim, have standards.

09-11-19_1-01-50 PM

Since you don’t earn any money by becoming a Spellcaster I had to fill the house with ways to do that, such as painting or gardening.

Once my Sim got settled, we traveled to the entryway to take us into the Realm of Magic.

09-11-19_1-16-16 PM

If you’ve seen pictures or gameplay of the realm, it’s even nicer when you get to walk around on your own, appreciating the detail.

09-11-19_1-17-43 PM

Becoming a Spellcaster 

The first thing I needed to do: introduce myself to a sage and gain magical abilities. After doing a small task to be granted full powers, you can then start learning potions and spells from a master. I started out with Practical magic, just to learn the basics, but eventually went to Untamed and Mischief.

09-11-19_1-23-58 PM

After that, I went to Caster’s Alley to get myself a familiar and wand. You don’t have to get everything here. If you search bookcases for “tomes” you could end up finding a familiar or spellbook in one.

09-11-19_2-33-11 PM

I saw pictures of the familiars and upon seeing the “Snub-Nosed Leaf Bat” knew that’s who I wanted. I had to go back to the shop, as they only carry a few at a time, but eventually found my familiar, aka Squeaks (it was an optional name by the game but it just seemed right.)

09-11-19_3-01-35 PM

Squeaks is adorable and even if it doesn’t do much, I love watching Squeaks follow me around. They even go into the bathroom with you, as well as hang around but turn the other way when you woo-hoo.

Like with anything in the Sims, it takes time and practice to become a good Spellcaster. The more you duel and practice spells, the quicker it will be to get to the top, but be prepared for unexpected curses or your magic to overcharge.

09-11-19_3-48-13 PM

Unfortunately, my Sim got the “Curse of Awkward Embraces” which caused her to give awkward hugs at random times.

Jokes on you Sims, I’m already an awkward embracer.

There are basic spells like helping your plants grow or fixing items, but once you get into Untamed and Mischief magic, you can do more like setting things on fire or making two Sims fall in love.

Eventually, my Sim did win a duel.

09-11-19_5-21-39 PM

Potions aka Alchemy also play a big part in the game. You can create a potion which fills your needs or takes away curses (I tried that one and it ended up giving me a second curse which would make my magic overcharge faster.) But it requires the right ingredients so keep ahold of any crystals, frogs, or plants you may find.

09-11-19_3-17-23 PM

There are also perks, like with Get Famous, that help you become a more powerful Spellcaster, and you gain more as your rank gets higher. You start out as an Apprentice and move up the list to Neophyte, Acolyte, Adept, Master, and Virtuoso.

I ended the gameplay when my Sim made it to Adept, but do plan on playing more in the future just to see what becoming a Virtuoso is like.


  • Not only do I feel the items in Create-a-Sim match the pack perfectly, but it also matches my aesthetic. I would wear 95% of the clothes and I need those double pierced earrings in real life.

09-11-19_10-33-07 AM

  • Women and men get a lot of options, many of which you can use at any time.
  • Build & Buy also have some of my favorite items, which also fit the pack perfectly. I’ll probably use those stained glass windows building a regular house in Oasis Springs.
  • Glimmerbrook gives me fairytale vibes. Even though it’s small, it’s still a detailed world, and at least we did get a new world along with the realm.

09-11-19_1-12-44 PM

  • The actual realm is so nicely done. I’m so glad you can travel from one floating rock to another without a loading screen.
  • I’m so happy they included familiars in this pack. There are a lot of options for them and you can have more than one. They can also travel to other worlds and give words of encouragement when learning spells/potions.

09-11-19_3-02-48 PM

  • The gameplay is a lot of fun from the moment you gain magical abilities. You’ll learn potions and spells and duel other Sims, which could be for fun or to get something in return, or just because you don’t like someone.
  • You can do magic outside of the realm, but it’s a bit limited.
  • You can travel via broomstick.
  • The spells and potions do practically everything from filling all your needs to cheating death.


  • Children and toddlers get nothing. No clothes, nothing to do. Nothing. I complained in The Moschino Pack they only got a few items, but this takes it to another level.
  • Even though I love the new fence and windows with Build & Buy, many of the items are expensive. Those kitchen countertops are the most expensive set and a recolor of one we already have.
  • As always, I want more clutter items and I think they missed opportunities to have more witchy things like stacks of books or items for potion making or even a broom that can lean against the wall.

09-11-19_11-32-55 AM

  • The gameplay is fairly quick to get through. It only took me a couple hours (and stopping from time-to-time) to make it to the fourth-ranking. From there, I can’t imagine it changing much except learning more powerful spells.
  • The spells also take away from the regular Sims gameplay. My Sim learned the “Delicioso” spell which is exactly what it sounds like. When she got hungry, I just had her cast the spell and she almost always made roasted chicken. She never had to cook. You can also fix or clean anything.
  • That’s the same with the potions. As long as you have the one that refills your needs, your Sim will never have to worry about bathing or sleeping (depending on the type of Sims player you are, this could be a great or make the game a bit boring.)

09-11-19_1-07-10 PM

  • I wish the familiars did more. They can protect you, but mine never needed to do that. As cute as my familiar is, it just followed me around and gave words of encouragement.
  • And you never get to see anyone else’s familiar! I thought, after a while, I’d see other Sim’s familiars following them around. I don’t know if that’s the point, you can only see your Sim’s, but that would’ve been cool.
  • The pre-made builds aren’t the best. Magic HQ (where your Sim goes to learn magic) is weirdly empty with a lot of random cauldrons everywhere and the houses and bar in Glimmerbrook don’t have much to them.

Is It Worth It?

Am I glad I bought this pack? Yes, I enjoy the gameplay enough to want to play with it some more. I love the CAS and Build & Buy items, as well as the Realm of Magic and Glimmerbrook (once it’s made over I’ll probably love it a bit more.)

I’m kind of into occults (depending on the story I’m playing) but if you’re not, then I would say wait until University.

I do wish there was a bit more to the pack. I wish there was more to the actual Spellcaster gameplay. I wish the familiars did more.

I wish when I returned to Glimmerbrook it took me to my home lot instead of the bar lot (it did this every time.)

Overall, as someone who is into this stuff in real life, I enjoy the pack. It’s fun watching my Sim cast spells and win duels. I feel there’s more they could’ve done, however. It’s funny, it kind of reminds me of what I said in my It: Chapter 2 Review. With that, it felt like an hour was missing from the movie. With this, it feels like an hour or two of gameplay is missing.

If you’re on the fence, I’d wait for the pack to go on sale. I’d say it’s worth it, but only for someone who is genuinely excited about magic in the Sims 4.

If you’re interested in the house I rebuilt, it’s under my origin username: meaganlamb.

09-11-19_4-02-44 PM

If you follow my blog, I’m going to try to have a schedule of posting on Sunday and Thursdays, but if you follow my blog, you’ll know that may last a few weeks and I’ll resume random posting.


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