Book Quibbles: “Baking All Year Round” Review + Monster Crispy Treats

Crispy treats can’t be harder than macarons, right?

A few months ago, I did a review for Nerdy Nummies + Mastering Macarons and was super impressed not only with the book but the instructions and tips for each recipe.

This time around, I’m reviewing another Rosanna Pansino cookbook for the holidays and celebrations throughout the year.

Recipes to Enjoy Year-Round

In this book you will find more than 85 recipes for many of the holidays and special occasions such as Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more.

baking all year round rosanna pansino


Like Nerdy Nummies, the beginning has Rosanna’s introduction and how to use the book. It explains the icons, step-by-step photos, and templates, along with the tools you’ll need and basic recipes you’ll refer to during the baking process.

The book starts with Valentine’s Day and has at least five recipes per holiday. There are ten chapters in total, with the last being for “Special Occassions” such as graduations or weddings. Yes, you could make a wedding cake. I am nowhere near ready to try that.

Each recipe also comes with a quote from Rosanna as she talks about what you’re going to make and if it’s something special to her family.

Baking Skill

What I love about these books is that not only each recipe has a picture (which some books don’t do) but will show step-by-step instructions with pictures for assembly. Even without the pictures, each of the steps is easy to follow.

baking all year round


Obviously, some recipes will be more advanced than others, but there are plenty of easy ones to try, even if you never baked before. As someone who has failed many times, just keep trying.

However, the best way for me to review a cookbook is to try a recipe.

Making Monster Crispy Treats

Perfect for this time of year, I went under the Halloween chapter. I’ve made plenty of cupcakes and cookies over the years but the Rice Krispy treats is something I haven’t tried.

baking all year round

The ingredient list isn’t long and didn’t seem hard to make, however, one of the things I struggle with (and it frustrates me to no end) is decorating. Whether it is icing a cake or creating Frankenstein’s monster, but I was determined to do it right.

The Final Product

This recipe required peppermint extract, which I bought and left at the store. And because I had literally everything ready to go, just made a regular Rice Krispy treats with vanilla extract and I added some sprinkles, but still followed the rest of the recipe.

I just can’t make something out of these books exactly perfectly, as you can see, with the color difference. That green would not turn the color I wanted and unlike someone on a baking show, I don’t want to just throw it out.

So…I’m rather proud of what I made. I had an issue with the piping bag when I started using the melted chocolate to hold the eyes and make the mouths…it exploded. Chocolate went all over one of the treats (RIP) and I literally used a toothpick to do the rest.

halloween baking

BUT, I think the treats match the “aesthetic” of Frankenstein’s monster. He’s not perfectly put together and neither are they.



Even though I had some issues, the steps are easy to follow and well-detailed. I didn’t have any problems or confusion when it came to actually put it together. The chocolate just wasn’t my friend.

halloween baking

Like I said in my Nerdy Nummies Review, I think this would be a great gift for the baker in your life, beginner or advanced. There are a lot of recipes to choose from and the versatility will appeal to everyone.


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3 thoughts on “Book Quibbles: “Baking All Year Round” Review + Monster Crispy Treats

  1. 👻🎃Emily | That Weird Girl Life🎃👻 (@emahlee13) says:

    This was such a good review! I like watching Rosanna’s YouTube channel, and she always gives really detailed but easy instructions, so I’m glad her recipe book does the same! I’ve never attempted to make any of her recipes despite watching her videos, but your Monster treats were so cute! I love making rice krispie treats (homemade is so much better than the store bought kind!) and you did a great job on the decorating! Kudos! I’d love to see you make more of the recipes from her book! 🙂

    Emily |

    Liked by 1 person

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      I think they’re cute too! The one I took a close up picture of is my favorite. I actually haven’t eaten any because of that (I’ll leave it to my dad.)

      Thanks Emily! 🙂 I hope to try something for Thanksgiving or Christmas (I was thinking of that reindeer I posted the picture of.)


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