My 2020 Goals

What I hope to accomplish in the new year.

It sucks to say my 2019 goals didn’t go over so well. Although I accomplished some things like eating less meat, socializing on my blog more, and reading a lot I didn’t keep a consistent workout plan or find an agent for my book.

However, my mentality is at the best it’s ever been. I’m not as harsh on myself and am caring less and less about what others think.

This time around, I’m better prepared and feel like I know where I want to go.

Blogging Goals

  1. Expand My Blog: What does this mean? I have no idea, but I would love for my blog to grow. Could be guests posts (seriously, message me if you’re interested) or getting my first sponsored post.
  2. Do More Than Reviews: Years ago I blogged about anything like my favorite fictional characters or ranted about a show and I want to get back into it despite being a little nervous about other’s opinions.
  3. Keep Up What I’ve Been Doing: I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping a consistent schedule/socializing more. Despite taking a month or so off for mental reasons, my plan is to keep it up, such as posting twice a week.

Writing Goals

  1. Publish My Book: At the moment, I’m looking into self-publishing and am interested in maybe finding an agent down the road. I want to have some more people beta read it (again, if interested, seriously message me) before getting into book covers/formatting.
  2. Journal More: Pretty self-explanatory.

Health Goals

  1. Eat Better Overall: I don’t like keeping to a strict diet. I feel as long as I eat well 80-90% of the day, then I did good, while still giving myself an “off” meal once a week.
  2. Consistent.Workout.Schedule: I know it helps with my depression/confidence/body aches and yet I always fall off the wagon. And I like being in shape.
  3. Eat Even Less Meat: For most of the year, I went meatless at least, two days a week. I’d love to up that to 3-4 days, or at least go pescatarian most of the week.
  4. Meditate More: Self-explanatory. It helps my anxiety/depression and I usually do it before bed to fall asleep easier.

Fun Goals

  1. Travel To Canada/Niagara Falls: I planned on doing this last year but after hiring an editor for my book (and $600 later) I couldn’t afford it but that’s not happening this year.
  2. Get My Seventh Tattoo: My plan is to get a smaller one across my collarbone, hopefully within the next few months so it heals before summer.
  3. Start Drawing/Playing Music Again: I’ve contemplated buying a keyboard but I also want to get back into drawing because, for a big chunk of my childhood, I wanted to be an artist over a writer and if I stuck with it, probably could’ve gotten somewhere. I was in a few art shows and was a decent saxophone player.
  4. Learn Another Language: Again, I wanted to do this last year but just never stuck with it. I’m trying to learn Spanish again but think it would be cool to know Sign Language and Japanese.
  5. Buy A New Car: This one is pretty low on the list, considering I just paid mine off last summer and am in no hurry to have another loan, but I should upgrade soon. We’ll see.
  6. Continue Getting Out Of The House: I’m proud of myself for going to different places last year and just want to keep doing that.
  7. Get Better At Cake Decorating: I like to bake. I’d say I’m decent and usually everything comes out tasting good, but one thing I struggle with is decorating and specifically, with cakes. Granted, I don’t have all the tools needed, but dammit I want to make a nice-looking cake.

Financial Goals

  1. Save More Money: Before the holidays, I was transferring money into my savings every week and really need to get back to it.
  2. Pay Off More Of My Loans/Debt: Self-explanatory, but one of the hardest things on this list. It sucks but I want to start making a dent in it.

That’s what I’m starting with but I’m sure things will change during the year. I plan on breaking them down each month to make it easier and I usually mention how things are coming along in my monthly recaps.

Good luck to everyone with their goals and have a Happy New Year x


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7 thoughts on “My 2020 Goals

  1. bjjandselflove says:

    Great goals! I have always wanted to write and publish a book! I am a sucker for a good story. What’s your book about?


  2. Emily | That Weird Girl Life🐱 (@emahlee13) says:

    These are such amazing goals!! I know some of them might be easier to achieve than others, but I’m rooting for you to check all of them off your list by next year 🙂 And that’s so exciting about looking to get your book self-published! What a great step! Then possibly an agent, then a possible bestseller…? 😉 You never know! I know what you mean about learning a new language. I started learning Spanish last year but got out of it. I really want to get back into it this year. I also don’t play any instruments, but I’d love to start learning to read music, just so I know the basics, just in case an instrument catches my eye.

    I hope 2020 is a great year for you, because you deserve it! I’ll be keeping an eye out for updates from you! Oh, and I just wanted to say, I think people would really like posts where you say your opinion and speak your mind. I love those types of posts, and think they’re a great change from what you see on Pinterest where it’s just about blogging tips or advice. I find it more authentic to what blogging is really about: your corner of the internet where other like-minded people can read your blog and relate 🙂

    Emily |

    Liked by 1 person

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      Thanks Emily! My mom believes it will be a best-seller…she also wants a beach house lol. But like you said, you never know. I just hate waiting. I took so many years to work on my book, I hate seeing it just sit around, so I think putting it out there self-published first will help me and my book grow, HOPEFULLY have an audience, and we’ll just see from there. Still super nervous about it though.

      Good luck with all your goals as well and thanks for stopping by! I really will try to do more opinionated posts (nothing political or religious though) 🙂


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