the witcher volume 1

Book Quibbles: “The Witcher Omnibus” Volume 1 – Review

Evil is evil. Lesser, greater, middling, it makes no difference.

If you’re like me and are beyond sick of all the coronavirus talk, whether it be people freaking out or people telling other people to stop freaking out, I hope this post can help you escape from that for just a few minutes and maybe spark an interest in something that can help you escape for more than just a few minutes.

But I do hope everyone is doing well. My job’s been insane so I’m just happy to get a post out.

Even though I already watched the first season of The Witcher, I wanted to go into this volume of four separate stories without comparing the two.

Along Came This Song

Like I said, there are four separate stories within this volume, each with five chapters, all following Geralt of Rivia and his life as a Witcher. I don’t believe you have to have any knowledge of this world to read it. All the information you need to know is given and anything else is easy to catch onto, with the exception of some characters like Yennefer, Ciri, and Vesemir as some might not know who they are.

the witcher volume 1


I never read any of the original books or played the games so following a graphic novel seemed to be right up my alley. The designs of the monsters are detailed and fight scenes are easy to see. In some comics, fights can get jumbled, but like I said, the details bring them out.

the witcher volume 1


Geralt is a gruff, sometimes emotionless character, but the hints of emotion on his face, like a smile or concern, make up for lack of words. He can be blunt and most of the time just gets thrown into situations but is smart enough to figure it out along the way.

the witcher fox children

comic vine

I like that there are four different stories rather than one big plot. You can see more of the world and the different creatures who inhabit it. My favorite would have to be the second, “Fox Children,” where creatures take elven children and make more of their kind, but questions who is more brutal in the world: humans or monsters and if we can have empathy towards them.

Some of the stories are “weaker” but in no means bad or slow. They just didn’t stand out as much as others, but I enjoyed them all and couldn’t wait to find out the twist at the end that brings everything together.



the witcher


Like every adaptation of The Witcher, if you’re not comfortable with gore, death, swearing, nudity, or brutal scenes in general, and the artwork does get graphic, which I’m praising but want to let others know about.

If you’re a fan or are looking for a way in, this could be a great place to start or extend the Universe you already know. Geralt is easily likable, despite his stand-offish demeanor, because you know underneath, he does care in his own way. Seeing this version of him only makes me appreciate Henry Cavill’s performance even more and just how good he is.

I can’t wait to read the second volume.

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7 thoughts on “Book Quibbles: “The Witcher Omnibus” Volume 1 – Review

  1. daniellethamasa says:

    I put the digital copy of this on hold from my library, but I think I still have around 5 weeks or so before I’ll be able to read it. Glad to hear you enjoyed the experience though. It seems like a pretty good graphic novel.

    Great review.

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