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Is The Sims 4: City Living Worth It?

I always say City Living is one of my favorite packs but is it worth it?

Even though City Living’s been out for a while, I wanted to spend my time playing through this pack specifically and see if it still holds up today. If you’re bored at home and figuring out which pack you want to splurge on, this could be it.

Like my other reviews, I used my Sim-self and dressed her only in City Living clothes, as well as moved her into an apartment and started her in the Social Media career.

My other Sims 4 reviews:


I moved my Sim into the Spice District (which personally has some of my favorite apartments) and 17 Culpepper House, the one with the gremlins trait because I want to torture my Sim.

03-25-20_10:49:06 AM

I love the size of this apartment but the damn gremlins…for five days straight everything broke in the middle of the night. EVERYTHING. Sure, it helped with her handiness skill but it did get annoying after the third night.

03-25-20_11:48:00 AM

She joined the Social Media career and I did enjoy posting updates and pictures as part of the daily tasks. I can’t say I’ve delved into the City Living careers enough in general, but I would like to more, especially the Politician career.

Of course, she spent her time exploring the city, meeting new people, and going to festivals, fulfilling the socialization real-me lacks.

03-25-20_11:53:08 AM

Like other packs, the pre-made builds aren’t always the greatest but two of my favorite lots are the gym and the rooftop bar, along with the park.

I don’t know if this is a glitch but it seems every time I play in San Myshuno there are always elders dressed up in masks and tights…I mean you do you but it is a common thing.


  • CAS is one of my favorites. I always, always use these clothes. Before those skinny jeans became part of the Base Game, they were up there as one of my most-used clothing out of everything in the Sims 4.
03-25-20_10:55:53 AM

the hair is cc but the dress, flats, tattoo, and arm bracelet I use constantly

  • Females and males get variety, but like most packs, children don’t get much.
  • Hair wraps and turbans.
  • New tattoos.
  • San Myshuno is a great world from the different districts to being culturally diverse.

03-25-20_2:13:25 PM

  • The world itself is beautiful with a lot of detail, especially if you go to the outer-sides of the lot.
  • A small detail but I like seeing Sims walk around in the background. You can’t interact with them, but it gives more life to the world.

03-25-20_2:55:45 PM

  • Plenty of lots, not just apartments but to build bars or gyms.
  • The park, Myshuno Meadows, is a great place to have a wedding.
  • Obviously, apartments are the highlight of this pack along with penthouses. 
  • This pack introduced lot-traits, which I actually like to use when playing.
  • The build-and-buy has a lot to offer from color to new objects like basketball, gaming consoles, karaoke, and street-art.

03-25-20_11:48:42 AM

  • Three new careers. 
  • New traits like vegetarianism + new aspiration. 
  • New food which you can learn to make. 
  • Buying used, cheap furniture. 
  • The festivals are a lot of fun and bring something new that’s not just an event you have to plan.

03-25-20_2:59:36 PM

  • If there are two Sims I want to get together, I like to use the Romance Festival to get them in the mood.
  • Small detail but during the festivals, there are always seasonal plants (if you have Seasons) growing off to the side that you might not find growing anywhere else.
  • Being able to collect snow globes and posters. I use posters to decorate all the time.
  • You can give apartment keys to other Sims.
  • New ways to play the game.
  • Protests
  • Introduced the singing skill.
  • Fireworks. 
  • Talking toilets…if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • The world feels more open than others. I remember people being so happy there wouldn’t be a loading screen when your Sim went downstairs to the center where all the Sims gather. It’s also super nice when a festival goes on in your district.

03-25-20_11:57:17 AM


  • The clothing is amazing, the hair is disappointing. I didn’t realize how little hair we got and most of it is more for festival-use.
  • There are not many accessories.
  • Again, kids don’t get much in CAS (more than other packs) or much to do in general.
  • Even though I like the lot traits, sometimes they can be annoying depending on which apartment you move into.
  • I wish more apartments had balconies. They’re either too big or need TLC, which can be annoying if you don’t want to deal with rats all the time, but this is a personal preference.

Other Thoughts

  • Even though I love apartments, I wish we could customize them more but at the same time, it’s realistic. However, if I can change the layout and destroy walls, then why can’t I change windows? Or add a balcony?
  • This is one of those things I always flip-flop between liking and being annoyed by.

Is It Worth It?

I still believe even years after its release, City Living is a pack worth buying. From the clothing to the build items, apartments, festivals, as well as diversity amongst Sims and districts.

03-25-20_2:15:23 PM

Despite a few cons I found while playing through, there’s not much I don’t like about this pack. San Myshuno is an impressive world in itself and I always find myself traveling or moving Sims there. I always move my Sim-self into an apartment. Always.

When it comes to my top 5 favorite packs, this one definitely makes the list.


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11 thoughts on “Is The Sims 4: City Living Worth It?

  1. Emily | That Weird Girl Life🐱 (@emahlee13) says:

    I’m so embarrassed to say this, but after years of knowing about the Sims…I’ve never played it! *gasp* I know people love it and after reading your review, I’m kind of fascinated and now I GET why people like it. The world(s) are so expansive!! I honestly didn’t even know that much about The Sims but now I actually want to try it and see what all the fuss is about!

    Like, seriously, I didn’t know the whole Sims worlds were this complicated and detailed! Crazy but cool!!

    Emily |


  2. skymchigh says:

    Can’t agree with you more! One of the best packs in the game!!! I wish there were more expansions with more apartments in it. Eco has two but the world is not build like San Myshunno!!! Amazing pack!

    Liked by 1 person

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