puffs the play

Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic: “Puffs” – Review

A play for anyone who has never been destined to save the world.

While signing up for BroadwayHD, I discovered Puffs and how the hell I didn’t before is beyond me. If you’re a fan or heard of A Very Potter Musical, this is also a parody of the Wizarding World but told from the perspective of Hufflepuffs.

As a…partial Hufflepuff who also gets sorted into Slytherin, I’m always rooting for more Puff representation.


puffs the play


The story jumps right into the deaths of James and Lily Potter along with the parents of the main Puff, Wayne. He too was raised outside of the magic world and is convinced he’s a chosen one who will save the world.

One of my favorite parts of the show is its portrayal of Harry Potter. Every time you think the Puffs are important or will do something important, Harry comes in, and they’re reverted back to being just the normal, failing Puffs.

But there’s more to Puffs than that and over the course of seven years, they’ll learn what it truly means to be a Puff.

The Braves, Smarts, Snakes, and Puffs

The energy of the Puffs is what you expect: nice, a little (or a lot) awkward, and a lot (or a little) energetic. They’re excited to learn and friendly to everyone while also getting bullied a lot. I can see a lot of people connecting to them right away.



I love the quick character changes as the cast isn’t huge. A Puff could also be Snape or Dumbledore or Harry himself. It brings to life the reality of the magic world and how so many obvious things, like the dangerous wizarding school or Dumbledore’s affection for the Braves and Harry, are overlooked.

puffs the play


The set, costumes, and effects are impressive for a small play. It’s fun and you will laugh but could also bring a tear to your eye…cause mine sure did.

Why You Should Watch Puffs

Not only is it great to support a smaller play, but brings a new perspective to a story most of us have watched or read hundreds of times. However, I don’t think you need to be a Potter fan to watch this play. All the terms have a twist to them and even though there are jokes about characters or situations, everything is explained. But it definitely would help knowing more of the lure to understand inside jokes.

puffs the play


Puffs is heartwarming, funny, and shows how important the Puffs are, even if they aren’t a part of the main story, they’re still the stars of their own.

Like I said, I watched this on BroadwayHD but it is available on Amazon and iTunes through their website. If you still aren’t sure, here is a clip of the Puff introductions.

I think now is the perfect time to watch Puffs. You will get lost for a couple of hours and have a fun time watching. And if anything else, it will remind anyone that they should be proud to be a Puff…or a half-Puff.


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