The Cats Living In My Garage Had Kittens

My greatest fear came true.

I just…the one thing I asked for, during all this, was that they WOULDN’T GET PREGNANT.

If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about, I wrote a post back in January but a short summary of that: two stray cats took up residence in the second floor of my garage in December and now there are kittens.

I about died.

When The Fear Started

Toward the end of March my sister and I noticed the black cat, who I renamed Storm for reasons I’ll explain in a second, looked chubby.

Pregnant immediately came to mind but I was holding out hope she was eating too much since my neighbor is also feeding them.

For a short period of time I was on kitten watch. I took an extra box upstairs where they lived and every time listened as closely as I could for any little noises.

Nothing, for weeks. And by nothing I mean I hadn’t seen Storm at all but the orange one, who my sister named Lancelot, hung around more often.

During all this I decided that, if Storm were to give birth, I would name them after the X-Men.

When I Found Out

It wasn’t until the end of April. At that point, I wasn’t sure what to think but HOPED she didn’t give birth in the woods, if that’s what happened. 

Then we did see her, looking MUCH thinner.

My sister took food up one day and she was sitting at the top, hissing. 

The thing about Storm is she never comes out. She’s wary of us despite me feeding her every day for months. Sometimes she would stay in the corner and watch me, but always ran away so for her to just sit out in the open, hissing, was out of character for her. 

The day I found out, I took food up and there she was, sitting next to an old swimming pool, hissing. I shook the food bowl a few times hoping she’d calm down. And for some reason, I stayed there a few seconds longer than usual. We stared each other down, then I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. 

A little blob of black dashed across the floor to the other side of the room and dove behind one of the many things on the second floor. And like I said in my last post, we can’t walk across most of the floor. It’s falling apart but apparently is perfect for these cats. 

I ran down the stairs, in the house, yelling KITTENS, making sure everyone in the house knew. 

Unfortunately, I had to go to work. 

BUT when I came home, I took more food up, shaking, hoping Storm wouldn’t jump on me the second I started up the stairs, but I didn’t see her. Instead, I saw the little black one along with an adorable, fuzzy, black and orange kitten, hiding in the corner. 

The damn SUN was so bright I couldn’t get a picture before they hid. 

What’s Next

I named the black one Rogue and my sister went with Mystique for the orange and black one. As of now, I only saw two but am keeping my guard up just in case there’s more. I won’t push my luck and attempt to find them (either Storm or the floor will hurt me) but eventually, my family and I will have to figure out what to do. 

I’m making an estimated guess and thinking they’re around 4-5 weeks old so much too young to take them away. I thought about calling the Humane Society again just to see if they can give us any advice (and if anyone reading this does, please let me know.) 

The funny thing is, my family has talked about adopting another cat. Storm is too feral or I would’ve brought her in already. However, if I could get her fixed, that would be ideal. My family immediately wanted the orange and black one (even though I would love to take in the black one and we don’t know if three cats in the house would work.) 

But right now, I just want to make sure they’re safe and taken care of. 

If there’s one thing I can breathe a sigh of relief about it’s that she gave birth in our garage and not in the woods or some random place. However, as if I wasn’t already anxious about these cats, now I have kittens to worry about. 

Editing note: Literally an hour after I posted this I took food out to them and discovered a third kitten, all black. Their name is Nightcrawler. At the moment I cannot get a good picture of them while Storm is around. 


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7 thoughts on “The Cats Living In My Garage Had Kittens

  1. Emily | That Weird Girl Life🐱 (@emahlee13) says:

    Yay!! Kittens!! I’m sorry you can’t go near them (yet. Hopefully!) but that’s so exciting! Are you planning on spaying/neutering Storm and Lancelot? I hope you can adopt one of the kittens! We have three cats at home, and one is kind of a bully, but other than that they sort of live in peace, haha. But please more kitten updates and pictures if you can manage! ❤

    Emily |


  2. Kayleigh Zara says:

    This is so sweet! It’s a shame you weren’t able to get close to them at the time but I hope yo is managed to now and that the mum cat is in good health and taking a liking to you x


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