Meet The Kittens Born In My Garage

It was a stressful experience getting to this point.

If you don’t know what’s going on, I wrote two posts since January.

But a quick summary: two stray cats living in my garage since December had kittens and now those kittens are knocking over their water bowl for the 50th time today as we speak.

I don’t want to get too into everything that leads up to this point because I know the only reason you clicked on this post is to actually see them, but I was stressed for DAYS so someone’s going to hear about it!

Gone For Two Days

When I saw one of the kittens sitting in our driveway about a week before we got them, I freaked out, and we blocked all the areas of our garage door leaving an open window for their mom to jump through.

However, last Sunday on the 10th, they were gone. We searched the entire garage and confirmed it when my sister saw them sitting outside a storm drain in front of our house…next to a very busy road.

For two days, I was constantly stressed. I was off the next day and spent 90% of it searching for them everywhere: the woods, the drain, my neighbor’s yard…I refused to think the worst.

Then that night, I went back into the garage and found them hiding in a tiny crawl space. I freaked out, got my sister, who called her best friend who is claiming the title of “official kitten wrangler” and helped us get them out. One jumped from the second floor, another was almost on the roof, and the mom didn’t give a shit.

But, we got them. We knew the second we found them, that was it, we were grabbing them. It was a week earlier than I wanted (since they’re only 6-7 weeks and the Humane Society said 8) but we weren’t losing them again.

How They Are

We have three kittens: two black, both male, and one calico, a female.

They went to the vet last Friday, the 15th, and got their first round of shots, discovered they have roundworm (which is one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen, seriously,) but overall, are healthy. They have to go back twice in the next two months for more shots.

Thankfully, they are getting used to us but for the first few days, they hid behind the litterbox in the old dog crate we used for our dog Luna. Right now, that crate is connected to a playpen via a tunnel my dad created.

Can I just point out my dad wanted nothing to do with these kittens at first?

Onto The Introductions

I have two pictures of each, the first is the day after we grabbed them. The second is a week later.

First, Jinx.


we’ve been wearing gloves because of the roundworm

Jinx is named after a favorite drag queen of my family’s, Jinxx Monsoon, but he fits his name. He meows ALL THE TIME, is constantly climbing the crate/playing/making the most noise. He is the most reluctant to be held but is making progress. I do want to point out Jinx is not only the kitten whom I discovered in our driveway but was the one who jumped from the second floor.


Second, Yoshi.


Yoshi is named after one of my favorite fictional dinosaurs, Yoshi. He is the shyest, hiding the most but is slowly coming out of his…shell (hehe.) I’ve caught him a few times playing but then he stops and stares at me with his bulging eyes. In contrast to a resting bitch face, I’m convinced Yoshi has a constantly surprised face.


We did buy them collars but they’re too big at the moment, so to tell them apart, Yoshi has a white spot on his belly.

Finally, Rosie. 


Everyone falls in love with Rosie, instantly. Rosie is essentially Rose from The Golden Girls since that was an option to name them if they turned out to be all female. She is the most social and doesn’t hide if we get near. I can tell she wants to get close but is hesitant. I just want to give her a hug…once she lets me.


We would like to bring them out more often to be held, unfortunately, Luna, our dog, has no idea what they are and gets too worked up when she sees/hears them, and not in a bad way. Luna gets excited over EVERYTHING and just wants to play. She is getting a little better. Our cat, Avi, really doesn’t give a shit.

Mom & Dad Update

For those who actually followed the monthly updates I gave on their parents, I just wanted to mention them quick. We haven’t seen the dad since they were born. Since he’s so social and attention-seeking, we hope he either went back to his home or found one. I refuse to think anything else.

The mom still hangs around but not as much, but we still feed her. We do plan on getting her fixed soon and then she can live in our garage as long as she wants. Since she is feral, we’ll have to find a cat trap.

The Biggest Question

We get it from everyone: are you keeping them?

It appears…to be going that way. We know it’s going to be a lot to have four cats in the house, also expensive, but I don’t think this could have happened at a better time since we’re home a lot more. And I think we passed the point of giving any up. They’re named, my dad keeps wanting to build things for them…

But if my posts are lacking, this is the reason why. They’re a lot of work and messy…so much water spilled…roundworm…I saw a worm come out with Rosie’s poo…at least you didn’t have to see it.

I’ll probably give a 6-month update but will continue to mention them in my monthly recaps and of course, post pictures on Instagram.

So, that’s what’s been going on. I feel like we’ve had them for months and it’s literally only been a week. Despite living in a garage most of their lives, and the wilderness for two days, they’ve adapted well and I hope they’re out, running around soon.


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8 thoughts on “Meet The Kittens Born In My Garage

  1. Cee Arr @ Dora Reads says:

    OMG cute! Fun fact: Most tortoiseshells (calicos) are female, and the male ones are usually sterile. Genes are weird!

    Also, don’t panic that the dad has disappeared – it’s not unusual with un-neutered males, especially if they’re from outside the area; they roam for literal miles. He’s probably gone to find another lady to get in the family way.

    (In case you hadn’t noticed, I know quite a bit about cats! Lol. We’ve literally had cats for the majority of my life, and two of those were strays who I’m sure a lot of people would count as feral or semi-feral.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      I didn’t know either of those so thank you! The vet did say right away Rosie was a female without looking so now I know why. And since I hadn’t seen the dad before (the mom hung around my neighbor’s all of last summer) and now he’s gone, that also makes sense.

      I haven’t dealt with kittens since I was very little, around 7, so the more information the better 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily | That Weird Girl Life🐱 (@emahlee13) says:

    Awww itty bitty kitties!! So so so so cute! And I can only imagine how overwhelming it must feel so have so many cats in the house! And my sister’s friend’s kitten had worms and a worm once fell on my sister’s arm. She said it was horrifying to see something that looked like a grain of rice wiggle around on her. That’s so sweet that your dad wants to build them stuff! I do hope you keep them, but it’s too much, I hope you can end up finding them homes. Also, I love their names! They fit them perfectly!

    Emily |


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