May 2020 Recap

A recap of my favorite books, movies, TV, and life from May 2020.

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Kittens are messy: I already wrote a post of rescuing acquiring the kittens from my garage. It’s been about three weeks and they’re slowly trusting us more, even letting us pet them if they’re in the mood. They’re still getting over roundworm and we recently had to force half a pill down their throats…that was interesting.

We do plan on slowly letting them out more once the roundworm is gone just because we don’t want our dog trying to get near their stuff because she eats everything.

But they have a play pen and we just started taking them up to my sister’s room and letting them run around. And we upgraded their crate to something much bigger.

Work is work: With more places opening in town, work is, thankfully, slowing down, but now that summer is coming, that only means stressful weekends catering for parties.

It was my birthday: On May 21, I turned 26. I didn’t do much but worked…that was about it, but my family did make some donations in my name. They adopted a beehive and gave to Barn Sanctuary, a rescue with a show on Animal Planet who saves neglected farm animals.

I threw my back out: I’ve had back issues since I was 13 thanks to years of being a softball pitcher but when I threw it out at work, just picking up a box, the crack was SO LOUD and I could barely walk let alone sit or bend over. I had to practically beg my chiropractor to fit me in the same day.

However, it ended up being worse than I thought and I needed to take time off work. And of course, it happened as I started working out more because it’s happened CONSTANTLY this year.

Cat Update: The mom cat is still hanging around. Not as often, but we do see her a few times a week. Still no sign of the dad which is worrying me because bears are coming out more. Hopefully he’s taking care of himself.


  • Rescued three kittens from my garage
  • I’m eating much better (with the exception of my birthday/holiday weekend)
  • I did start working out/walking more (until my back went out…)
  • Continued to eat less meat

Aside from the kittens, I literally don’t know where this month went. I’m trying to think what even happened and I’m drawing a blank.


Warm Weather

It finally started warming up in the middle of May. It was getting pretty annoying because we would have endless days of rain or cold weather, even at the beginning of the month. We’ve been walking more, the air conditioner is in my room, and I am nowhere near ready to wear shorts…

summer gif



I hate that I forgot to mention this show last month but Dragnificent aired its first episode last year and now has a full season. It started as four drag queens helping brides but it turned a bit into Queer Eye as they help people with all kinds of situations.



It stars Jujubee, Alexis Michelle, Thorgy Thor, and BeBe Zahara Benet each with a different “skill set.” It’s funny and if you enjoy Drag Race or are fans of the queens, the season is over but is on TLC.

We’re Here

Surprise: there are TWO shows on with drag queens making people over. This one is on HBO and stars Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela, and Eureka going to small, conservative towns and helping smaller drag queens as well as others who want to learn/support the community and ending with a big drag show.

we're here


The first episode is them going to Gettysburg. I don’t live far and have been there a few times and wasn’t aware it was such a small-minded area but it’s also surprising seeing so many people supporting the LGBTQ community as well.

There was this one guy who walked into a store after the queens left and told the owners he would never shop there again…I thought it was funny but sad because that pretty much describes where I live.


June Goals

  • workout 3-5x a week (when my back eventually heals)
  • continue to be meatless 2-3x a week
  • post, at least, once a week
  • continue working on my book

I’m excited for June because it’s Pride month and my plan is to only write posts related to Pride. I’ll also be on vacation for a week…in which I should be going to the beach but since that’s not happening, I don’t have any set plans.

I just want my back to heal more than anything. You don’t realize how often you bend over, just a little, like washing your hands or picking up a toilet seat since I can’t do it without getting into an awkward lunge position.

How was your May?

relaxing gif



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