Book Quibbles: “Heartstopper” Vol 1-3 -Review

Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love.

This cute, little comic has been on my Amazon wish list for the longest time and once I read the first volume, I didn’t want to stop.

The Meet

Charlie and Nick go to the same school, but never met, until they have to sit next to each other and from there, a friendship grows. Small conversations turn into Nick asking Charlie to join the rugby team, hanging out at each other’s houses, and Charlie hating himself for falling for a straight boy.

Until Nick isn’t sure he’s 100% straight.

heartstopper vol 1


Despite being in different social groups with different interests, Charlie and Nick’s relationship is strong. Charlie is younger, plays the drums, and is openly out while Nick plays sports and is one of the “popular” boys in school with friends who aren’t as accepting.

It doesn’t take long for Charlie to fall for Nick but seeing it from Nick’s perspective as the feelings slowly grow is adorable to watch. Even when things escalate, Nick just isn’t ready to admit he likes Charlie.

The Kiss



The three volumes continue the story without any long breaks in between so there aren’t many time jumps unless it’s within the volume so you get to see their relationship grow continuously.

And that’s the point of the story: to watch two boys fall for each other, accept themselves, and see how well they work together.

The artwork is in black and white and well-detailed. I love how expressive the characters are and most of the time, don’t even need dialogue. They’re diverse with all kinds of races and sexualities.

Heartstopper is a quick read but you may have to pause to take in the cuteness. It feels fresh despite not being a completely new story, but I never get tired of these types of books. I highly recommend it to everyone.

I believe this is my first 5/5 book rating.



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4 thoughts on “Book Quibbles: “Heartstopper” Vol 1-3 -Review

  1. Britt | Shed Happens (@ShedHappenscmty) says:

    I love everything about this! Whiel I haven’t read Heartstopper yet, I feel like I already connect with the characters, just from what you’ve shared. I think it’s a classic situation that many young boys could connect with – when you believe that you’re straight, because you’re expected to be straight, but all it takes is one person to realize what the heart wants!

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