June 2020 Recap

A recap of my blog and life from June 2020.

Links of petitions to sign/donate which help Black Lives Matter/LGBTQ+ community:

Header credit: Aaron Burden on Unsplash


  • It felt like so much happened this month compared to the last few. I planned on writing only Pride posts this month but my mind focused on other things and ended up disliking the posts I did write.
  • My back healed: At the end of May I threw my lower back out incredibly bad to the point I couldn’t bend over to wash my hands, but with constant icing/heating and even walking, I managed to heal 80% within a week and by now, I’m about 95% there with a few exercises still bothering me.
  • Starting a year-long health journey: With my back healed, I’m gradually getting back into working out, even just taking my dog on walks and I’m so ready to get back into shape and just be healthy. I figured I need motivation and what’s better than giving myself a year before my family and I take our yearly trip to the beach.
  • Speaking of vacation: Like I said, my family and I usually take a trip to the beach but obviously, that didn’t happen. Not only did we not feel comfortable, but have three new kittens to take care of. Instead, I relaxed most of the week and took a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo since it was the only place we felt comfortable going to.
  • I did try going to a farmer’s market: It’s a local one that is every Saturday from May to October and on their website rules were listed like limited people and everyone wears masks…yeah that didn’t happen. I drove by, noticed how PACKED it was with no one following any rules and unlike the zoo, there’s not a lot of space. Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

3 Month Kitten Update

I’m so happy to say how far the kittens have come. They’ve become so cuddly and we hold them on a daily basis. Luna is also getting better with them and barking less. Our cat Avi still has some work to do since she hisses any time they get close to her.

The roundworm is officially gone though!

I actually decided to declare their birthday on April 1st because why not. The whole cat situation was like one big joke on me from the start.


It’s great that we can play/hold them without any issues except when they want to break free and run around the house (we’re waiting till they’re a bit older.) I was worried about Yoshi being so scared but now he constantly wants attention, as well as Jinx. I feel like Rosie prefers less socialization but still likes it.


  • Healed my back injury in a week and started working out.
  • Eating A LOT better, probably the best all year. I try to have vegetables for breakfast as often as I can.
  • My blog is still getting great views. I was so happy to hit 1,000 in February and have doubled that, at least, every month.
  • Raising three kittens.
  • Still meatless/pescatarian at least twice a week, with the exception of vacation week.
  • I spent a lot of time outside and less time online, which is definitely helping my anxiety.
  • Read 2 books.
  • Finally got the motivation to fix the issues with my book. I was putting it off for so long but I am loving where it’s going.



Attack on Titan Season 4 Trailer

Not since Infinity War have I been so excited from a trailer. It’s the last season and there’s a time jump. The animation looks incredible and every time I watch it, the hype grows even more.


It took me long enough to watch Rocketman but it appeared on Amazon Prime during my time off work due to my back and it was the perfect opportunity to watch it. Of course, I really enjoyed it and thought Taron Egerton did an awesome job. He was definitely ripped off of some award nominations.



Game On

This is a show hosted by Keegan Michael Key where two teams compete to earn points and the losers must “Take the L” which results in a sucky punishment. I saw previews for this but it wasn’t on my list until there was nothing on but my family and I laughed throughout most of the episode. I wasn’t expecting to like it so much and now it’s a weekly watch.

game on

cbs Boston

July Goals

  • Workout 3-5x a week
  • Write what I eat every day
  • Meatless/pescatarian 2-3x a week, just less meat in general
  • Post 1-2x a week
  • Finish 2 books
  • Continue fixing my book
  • Care less about work. I know how that sounds but outside of work, I don’t want to care or think about work.

In July, I plan on catching up on some tags that I haven’t gotten around to doing while also writing my regular posts and as long as things stay the way they are at work (meaning we don’t get even more short-staffed than we are) I should be able to get my goals done.

But it is the busy season for my department because we do a lot of catering for parties/picnics (especially since the 4th of July is coming up.)

I hope everyone has a good and safe July. x



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2 thoughts on “June 2020 Recap

  1. Emily | That Weird Girl Life🐱 (@emahlee13) says:

    Sounds like you had a pretty good June! I’m so glad your back is feeling better and the kittens are sooo cute! I think April 1st is the perfect birthday for them 😉 And I absolutely love the shot of the tiger you got from the zoo! So majestic!

    I’m trying to get into better shape too, so I’ve been doing exercising everyday. It’s hard when you’re so out of shape like I am! lol. And keep us updated on your book!! ❤

    PS. Also, Rocketman was AMAZING. Taron should have gotten an Oscar nomination for his role!
    PPS. Thank you for the links for the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride month ❤

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      The tiger was chilling in the water in that pit between the people and his area (you know what I’m talking about so they don’t get out) and people were like “Oh gosh should he be down there? What if he climbs up our side?” And that’s all he did, just laid in the water all day lol. It was super hot so I don’t blame him.

      Thanks for reading! And I’m thinking I might do that every monthly recap, include links for different petitions/charities for different things.


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