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TV Quibbles: “Dark” Season 1 Review

The question is not where, but when.

Dark is one of those shows that’s been under my Netflix recommendations for a while until one day I thought, “I haven’t binged a new show in a while.” 

Since Dark is a German show, Netflix automatically plays the dubbed version depending on your language but I highly recommend listening to it in German with subtitles on because I lasted two minutes with the dubbed version.

Plus, the emotion is more powerful and hits harder. 

Everything Is Connected

When children go missing in the small German town of Winden, adultery, lies, and conspiracies plaguing the town are brought to light. 

Time is a big theme in the show. Not just the concept but time travel and how the events of the past shape the future and vice versa. From 1953 to 1986, and 2019, notably 33 years apart, you watch as characters grow and attempt to hide their secrets. 

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Dark follows different families and not only their connection to each other but the town as they search for the missing kids. 

What Year Is It?

One thing I realized early on is that it always rains in Winden. The weather is dreary, dark, and cloudy and that explains the vibe of Dark. There aren’t many jokes but the constant twists and questions don’t allow you to think about that. 



I’ve seen some people complain about the time-jumps and trying to connect the younger version of characters with their current age. It hardly bothered me. There were a few times I was like, “Okay, who is that?” But it does tell you who is who. I actually liked connecting the dots and it reminded me of The Witcher but at least Dark tells you what year it is. 

However, the show does a good job of explaining everything so no one gets left out in the dark. 

The acting is solid and the casting for the younger and older versions of characters is so good, some creepily good, even when it spans 3 different ages. 

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Although there isn’t a “main” character you do follow some more often, like Jonas, whose dad committed suicide months ago or Ulrich, whose son is one of the missing kids. 


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If you’re into mysteries with drama and a little bit of supernatural I highly recommend Dark. It’s such a good show to binge as a lot of information gets thrown at you and you don’t want to forget anything going into the next. 

I say that because I’ve seen people recommend creating a family tree to keep track of characters, but like I said, I didn’t have any issues when it came to that. However, there is a lot going on. 

I ended the season satisfied yet with unanswered questions which only makes me excited to watch the next. 



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