The Cat Living In My Garage Had Kittens…Again

2020 is the year that keeps on giving…me a damn panic attack.

I didn’t think I’d be writing another one of these posts until the 6-month kitten update I plan on writing once they get fixed, yet here we are.

kitten gif


If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ve written three freaking posts so far:

So, even though I’ve named this cat, like, three times since discovering her living in my garage, the name that seems to stick with my family and myself is “Mama/Mommy Cat” and I guess it’s appropriate since that’s all she’s doing with her time.

April Fools

Backtracking quick, she gave birth to Jinx, Yoshi, and Rosie around the first of April. At the time my family didn’t plan on keeping them but shit happened and here we are.

cat gif


When we took them to their first vet appointment around the second week of May, we talked to our vet about bringing in the mom to get fixed. They said to wait till June and considering the kittens have been to the vet three times since then, we didn’t exactly have the money to get her fixed as well, even if we could’ve gotten a discount for her being feral.

But, I figured, we had time. There would be three months between their last appointment and them getting fixed.

And I was terribly wrong.

I Can’t Deal With More Kitten Stress

I’ll admit, a few weeks ago when she was walking around our yard, I thought her belly looked big BUT thought it was just the angle since she was in a tree and bent over.

Then one morning I let my dog Luna out and before I get off the porch, heard a hiss. I assumed it was Mama Cat but still ran down only to see a white and gray cat running into the garage.

And immediately I was like, “Who are you?”

Oh, I knew. I didn’t want to admit it, but I knew.

The reason Mama Cat still hangs around is that I’m still feeding her. I already said I would’ve adopted her if she wasn’t feral, but I’m not going to let her starve. So like I usually do in the morning, I took food out but extra since there was a visitor.

Last winter when we first discovered her my dad found an old litter box and put it in the garage with blankets and towels, hoping she’d sleep in there if it were cold. The box is right next to the steps on the second floor and when I got high enough, I saw her head leaning against the edge of the box.

cat gif


She never gets close to us (well, I think she likes my dad) but I knew something was up and thought maybe she was hurt. I couldn’t see since it was still early, ran back inside to get a flashlight, and then I saw a little blob of gray eating.

I assume the gray and white cat was hiding. He is no loud-mouth the other dad was.

I had no idea she could get pregnant that quick. It had to have been right after we took the first three out of the garage or even before. When I discovered the new kittens, they only looked days old.

I just thought we had time.

As much as it hurts to say, these kittens will have to go to the Humane Society unless we can find someone to take them. Four cats in the house are enough and three kittens are already messy and stressful. And I don’t think we want all these cats living in our garage/woods, especially next to a busy road, making more kittens.

kitten gif


Right now we know of two kittens but it’s so dark inside that litter box there could be more. I’m really hoping it’s just the two.

Like before, she doesn’t want us getting near her so for the time being, it’s just a waiting game until the kittens are big enough to run around. At least this time, we know they’re up there and have an idea of their age.

2020, every month brings me something new to lose sleep over.


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5 thoughts on “The Cat Living In My Garage Had Kittens…Again

  1. Emily | That Weird Girl Life🐱 (@emahlee13) says:

    Oh no, I’m so sorry! That’s the problem with warm weather- it’s ALWAYS kitten season! It’s a big problem here in the desert, obviously. I hope you’ll be able to find homes for the kittens and get Mama fixed so she won’t be making any more kittens (despite how cute they may be). I wonder if you can reach out to some small cat rescue/foster programs on Facebook? That’s how I found my kitten, through a kitten foster mom. They usually have good connections and can get donations to take cats to the vet and find people to adopt them. I’m sorry your 2020 is so…2020 😦

    Emily |


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