July 2020 Recap

A recap of my blog and life from July 2020.

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  • More kittens to panic over: I already wrote a post about discovering the black cat in my garage had more kittens (extremely fast) so yeah…more kitten panic. They’re about two weeks old but the mom is super protective this time around. I swear she wasn’t like this with the first ones so I can barely get into the garage to give her food. Everyone asks for pictures and it’s not happening any time soon. There’s also FOUR of them.

Update: So, it turns out cats will move their kittens if they feel they’re unsafe and even though all we did was feed her, apparently that’s how she felt because they’re gone.

At the moment, we don’t know where. I’m a little bummed out and hoping hard she went somewhere safe. But…that’s all I got for now. Who knows, maybe she’ll bring them back. Or they’ll wander back in a year and we’ll be stuck with four more feral cats living in our garage.

  • Consistently working out: Finally! I made it through a month without any injuries/illness and have worked out 4-5 times a week (depending on my work schedule.) I was pretty out of shape at the start but am getting back on track.
  • I’m also eating better: I know I could do better but I still drink a gallon of water a day. I’m eating out a lot less than I was at the start of quarantine and my family is also eating better so it’s much easier when others are doing it as well.
  • It’s hot outside: Unfortunately, we haven’t been taking Luna on walks because it’s so hot out. She does have her little pool she plays in but I’m definitely ready to start them back up. I don’t want it to be cold, just cool enough to wear sweatpants in the morning.
  • Not a lot happened: I still haven’t gone anywhere (except a doctor’s appointment I’ve been rescheduling since the start of everything) or done much, which is fine, but I’m definitely missing the beach this year. I DID find sand in a pair of shorts so…that’s the closest I’m getting.
  • Workplace drama: I try to avoid talk of work at all on my blog, but there has been some rising tensions and I get a lot of cranky, asshole customers which I know shouldn’t ruin my day but does put me in a bad mood for a few hours. Let’s just say, I’ve been more annoyed after leaving than usual.
done gif



  • Worked out 4-5x a week
  • Eating better in general
  • Posted 1-2x a week
  • I’ve rewritten the first chapter to my book probably 50 times (no joke) and finally got to a version that I’m happy with
  • I didn’t get sick or injured!
  • Writing what I eat every day
  • 2,900+ views on my blog



Dark (Netflix)

Seasons 1 and especially 2 are great, but I haven’t been as hooked to season 3. I’m about halfway through and haven’t finished yet, which shocked me because at the end of 2, I couldn’t wait to start 3.

dark gif


However, I still recommend Dark and to listen to it in German with subtitles on. It’s such a good mystery and I swear when I was watching it I’d say, “Okay, I’ll stop here for now,” then something would happen and I would have to keep going. There are so many twists and reveals especially when it comes to the families and how people are connected.

Headbands of Hope Masks

Headbands of Hope is a business that makes headbands and donates them to people with illnesses. I’ve been buying from them for years but discovered they’re making masks as well.



Not only are the masks soft and lightweight, but the straps are soft and adjustable so if you like it tighter, it can be made tighter or vice versa. They also have headbands with buttons so you can loop your mask around them.

headbands of hope


I wear a mask 7-8 hours, 5 days a week (as well to doctor’s appointments/picking up food) so I’ve tried a lot and this one is hands down my favorite so far. I even ordered an extra set.

*Also this is not sponsored or affiliated. I just really like their stuff.*


Zzavid is a Youtuber who reacts to and does commentary on shows and movies. I found him through his Umbrella Academy reactions and now Haunting of Hill House. He’s really funny and doesn’t have a lot of subscribers at the moment but definitely deserves more attention.

zzavid youtube


August Goals

  • finish the new copy of my book
  • workout 4-5x a week
  • eat vegetables every day
  • post 1-2x a week
  • read two books
  • possibly create an author’s website

I’ll just say I have no plans for the rest of the year except finishing my book, getting fit and healthy, and continuing to blog so my monthly goals will probably look the same every time. And that’s totally fine with me so by the time 2021 comes I’ll be a better version of myself.

Or completely burnt out. We’ll see.

How was your July?



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6 thoughts on “July 2020 Recap

  1. Emily | That Weird Girl Life🐱 (@emahlee13) says:

    I’m so happy you got back into working out! It’s something I’ve stopped doing, but know I should go back to doing (I’m sure it’d help with being stuck in the house all the time!). And that’s so exciting about your book! But I’m so sorry about your workplace drama. That’s never fun and now is NOT a good time to add that in to 2020! I hope that gets smoothed over soon, for your sake! And I’m sorry the kittens have gone 😦 I’m sure they’re okay, but it still must be sad not to have them nearby anymore.

    And I need a few new masks, so I will definitely check out Headbands for Hope. Thank you for the recommendation! 🙂

    Your July sounds much better and productive than mine, so I hope my August can be like your July! (fingers crossed!)

    Emily |


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