TV Quibbles: The Umbrella Academy 2 – Review

No more numbers, no more bullshit, we are Team Zero. We are all Team Zero.

I binged season two in a day. I have no self-control.

But at least I’m being honest compared to season one when I said I would do a review for each episode…then watched the entire season in a day. There’s a recurring theme here.

TV Quibbles: The Umbrella Academy “We Only See Each Other At Weddings And Funerals” Review

The End of The World…Again

The apocalypse likes following the Hargreeves family because it just keeps popping back up in their lives.

After Five time-jumped to avoid the first doomsday, each sibling ended up in Dallas between 1960-1963, having to not only deal with the shock of being in a different time period but by themselves until Five can find them all and bring them together to stop the apocalypse, again.

the umbrella academy 2


Despite being away from each other, some for years, it doesn’t take long for the family dynamic to come back. Issues that ended with the first season continue until they can learn to move on, like the ones involving their dad, which doesn’t help when they realize he is also in Dallas in time for JFK’s arrival, right before he gets shot.

Destiny’s Children

I liked seeing what each sibling is up to during their months/years in the ’60s. Klaus managed to create a cult, Vanya is helping a family with their son while falling for the mom, but Allison by far has it the hardest as she’s part of the Civil Rights Movement.

the umbrella academy 2

den of geek

The first half of the season is catching up with everyone while the second half focuses more on actually stopping the apocalypse. There are a few side-quests that feel a bit short. Either they could’ve had more screentime or just gotten rid of, but if anything, you get to spend more time with them.

the umbrella academy 2


Within the last few episodes, things really start to pick up and that’s when it’s hard to stop watching.



the umbrella academy netflix


If you’ve been counting down the days like me, it’s worth the wait. It still has that comedy mixed with family drama along with being serious since it is the end of the world. But I was so happy to see the family working together, Vanya included.

You get to see more to their abilities as some have progressed and gotten stronger and others are still figuring it out.

One of the more interesting parts is Reginald Hargreeves in his younger years, how he met Pogo, who he’s sharing his life with, along with some very few answers as to what was going on at the beginning of the last episode of last season.

With that being said, he’s still not the greatest guy.

I’m keeping this review a bit short just to avoid any spoilers, but I will say within the last 2-3 episodes, a lot happens and the cliffhanger into next season has a lot of questions tied to it.

the umbrella academy 2


At the moment I’m rewatching the second half of the season with my sister since I watched it without her (like I said, I have no self-control) and I definitely see myself rewatching the entire season in the future.


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  1. Carolina @fictionologyst says:

    I’m obsessed with this series! I can’t believe that season 2 is waaay better than season 1. I love seeing the family together again!

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