I’m Taking A Blogging Break

Usually, I don’t announce these.

I’ve talked about my book so many times on here, but if you didn’t know, I wrote a book.

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At the moment I’m kind of rewriting, kind of editing. It’s about 85% the same but I changed a few things to help the story. It took some time for me to figure out what needed to be changed and now I’m going through it for the 1000th time and I’m not even halfway through.

I want to spend the next month or so focusing on my book. I want to get through this new edit then send it to some beta readers so once that happens, I’ll get back to my blog.

If you’re interested in beta reading my book, let me know.

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I’m also looking into creating an author’s website, probably through Wix, as well as some people who make book covers.

Again, let me know.

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And that’s it. I’m working on my book.

However, I’m still going to post an August lifestyle/blogging recap. There could be a post in September if I really want to talk about something, if not, I will do a September recap as well, then I’ll be back in time for some spooky posts and the sixth-month update on my kittens.

I just wanted to let anyone who actually keeps up with my blog know why I won’t be as active for the time being.

Thanks for reading x


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