January 2021 Recap

A recap of my blog and life from January 2021.

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I don’t have much to say here. Usually I have bulleted points of things I did or stuff that happened but, no surprise, January was just like every month since last March. Seasonal depression doesn’t help and I lost motivation for a few weeks in the middle.

Not much happened.


My work did get in a bunch of Covid vaccines. If they have any leftover after people over 65/who have health issues, they’ll move onto the workers. I am on the list, but I do want them to give to the older workers first. However, if they need someone to give it to after it’s opened and I’m the only one there, it’s going to me.

So who knows, I could be vaccinated by the end of February. They are getting in a second batch at the end of the month.

Blog Posts


  • read two books
  • posted weekly
  • started sign language and learned the alphabet
  • tracked my finances
  • exercised consistently (but I did take a few weeks off)
  • total blog views: 5,013


Barre Blend

I’ve actually been doing Barre Blend since November and I almost finished the total 8 weeks…until I lost motivation in the middle of the month. My knees were bothering me so I wanted to find something low impact but still high intensity. My balance got better by 1,000%. I didn’t get as flexible as I thought I would so I do want to work on that.


However, I actually looked forward to working out which is the most important thing. I had fun. My butt got a major lift, my arms toned up, and core got stronger. I didn’t lose a lot of weight but unfortunately I did do it during the holidays…I literally did a workout the morning of Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. That’s how much I liked it.

I’m doing a different program at the moment but I do want to return to Barre Blend in the future.


I already reviewed WandaVision but just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying this series. I love coming up with theories and thinking about what’s going on. I’ve also been into watching theories on Youtube and breakdowns of each episode so I can see things I missed.


February Goals

  • workout 4-5x a week
  • track what I eat/exercise daily
  • post 1-2x a week
  • daily gratitude/affirmation journaling
  • continue to learn more sign language

As I’m writing this I already feel more motivated going into February. I’m getting another tattoo, it’s gradually get lighter out, and I’m one month closer to my first vacation week this year in March.


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4 thoughts on “January 2021 Recap

  1. bethanymca says:

    You say not much happened but I hear someone who has had a great January! You sound positive about getting your vaccine and care so deeply about your older members getting it first. You have battled your seasonal depression and kept overcoming it!! You read 2 books and started learning a new skill. You’re absolutely smashing it and you definitely did things this month!!! Keep going xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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