A Short Review Of The Sims 4: “Paranormal” Stuff Pack

A quick review for some quick gameplay.

I tried writing a long post with pros, cons, and a little story of playing the new pack with my Sim-self (my sister’s Sim also joined me this time.) However, I had little to nothing to say. But I did buy the pack so something should come out of that.

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Paranormal Sounds Like So Much More

It would’ve been fun if they did a big expansion pack with all the other paranormal packs together: vampires, witches, mermaids, ghosts, even werewolves and faeries. They should’ve stuck with “Happy Haunts” because “Paranormal” makes it sound like there’s a lot more to this pack.

But we get a new medium skill, which maxes out at level 5, and it’s fine. I liked communicating with the spirits because they had some funny stuff to say. Doing this can also bring out the little spectors or summon Bonehilda. Apparently she can help around the house but every time I summoned her she just wanted to flirt.

Then there’s the freelance ghost hunting career. This excited me the most but I found it a bit underwhelming. You have to wait all day to do the gig and it’s pretty repetitive. At least with the other careers you have different tasks but with this you kick some dolls or tell the spectors to leave and that’s it.

And the bravery reward trait needs 8,000 points to unlock.

But There Are Positives

My favorite part is build and buy. There’s decorative objects, hanging plants, cool couches, and I’m a fan of the wallpaper and curtains. It fits the aesthetic well.

CAS also fits the aesthetic. There are some new outfits I really like and the amount we get is pretty normal to a stuff pack.

I had to give my sister the mullet

The spectors are cute and you can make them handmade items to appease them rather than hand out pieces of your soul. I baked a lot of cakes and they took it every time. In return, I got a little plasma cake that helped my Sim stay fuller longer, so that’s cute.

And of course, the new haunted house lot. It took about a day for stuff to happen but there are flashing lights and moaning sounds once the activity kicks in. Those are nice touches so I definitely recommend playing this pack with the sound on.


The medium skill and freelancer career could be cool side-gigs for your Sim but doesn’t have enough to be a full-time thing. I didn’t have anything else to do and regretted not giving them jobs.

I was excited all day. At first I was annoyed after finding out the pack wouldn’t release until after lunchtime, then played for about an hour. I even spent hours the day before building the house my Sims would move into (meaganlamb on the gallery, by the way.)

If you’re into occults and own the other paranormal packs, I think all of them mesh well, so you could have a vampire who also works as a ghost hunter at night. But alone, this pack is fine.

That’s the best way for me to describe the pack: fine. To some, $10 isn’t much but I’d honestly wait for a sale if you’re interested.


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3 thoughts on “A Short Review Of The Sims 4: “Paranormal” Stuff Pack

  1. Louise says:

    I’ve been having fun with it on the odd times I’ve played. I have all the packs except the Star Wars one because I just refused (who asked for that?!) I really don’t play much though as the whole game has finally gone a bit stale for me after playing it since I was 11 so what’s that? 20 years! Crazy! haha ♥


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