I Watched The “Monsterverse” Movies

Sometimes the only way to heal our wounds is to make peace with the demons who created them.

I had a few days off and wanted to watch Godzilla vs Kong, however I hadn’t seen any of the first three movies except a few clips here and there, so here we are. I went in with limited knowledge and didn’t want to overthink everything. I really wanted to just enjoy them while being open-minded since I have seen reviews. 

These reviews will have mild spoilers but mostly spoiler-free. 


The one thing I wasn’t expecting to see is Wanda and Pietro married…oh god it took me out of the movie and it’s not the movie’s fault.

I did like this one. I REALLY liked the opening shot of Godzilla and the army shooting off flares. There were a lot of cool visuals in general. Dr. Serizawa became one of my favorite characters throughout these movies. I definitely agreed with him on his viewpoints and just letting the monsters fight.


I do have one gripe and it happens through ALL movies: Why do people keep shooting at these monsters when it clearly doesn’t do anything unless they use something big?

Kong: Skull Island

I knew going in this one seemed to be more on the “disliked” scale but maybe knowing that allowed me to like it more? I’m not saying it’s my favorite but I liked the set-up and getting on the island, for the most part I didn’t mind the characters although some just felt like an obligatory character they needed, and Skull Island looked cool even if half of it could kill you.

However, I’m not a fan of, “We invaded a creature’s home and it attacked us so now we have to kill it.” That was the biggest downside to the movie for me. But I could sympathize because they had no idea what they were getting into.


Also, some characters felt like they were going to have bigger roles then died, so what was the point? To make the rest of the group search longer, go into areas they shouldn’t, and eventually get more people killed, I guess. I cannot tell you the names of any of these characters either except Dr. Brooks and that’s just because he shows up in later movies.

But, I like Kong, I think even more than Godzilla. He had good facial expressions and I guess I like big primate movies. I was really into Mighty Joe Young as a kid…specifically for Joe. I don’t remember 90% of that movie.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

This one was beautiful. It was constantly going from the beginning. I liked all the monsters and the build up to them from the first two movies. I totally agreed with Serizawa about some of the monsters being benevolent. Especially Monthra, I loved her.

I loved learning about the mythology and where these creatures come from. I understood where the villains were coming from but the, “Humans are a virus and the earth needs to kill it,” reasoning is seen a lot.

godzilla mothra

However, I would easily watch this one again. It’s probably my favorite of all four.

Godzilla vs Kong

This is the one I spent an entire day watching these movies for and…it was good. It focused primarily on Kong and I wish we did get more time with Godzilla so I instantly didn’t root for one when they fought. But the fights were easy to follow, I really liked the last one in Hong Kong with all the neon lights, and Kong’s relationship with Jia was the best part of the movie, for me.

godzilla vs kong

I really could’ve done without some of the human characters. I wasn’t a fan of the villains, Millie Bobby Brown’s side quest with her friend didn’t do it for me, and I think it was missing some characters from previous films, especially Dr. Serizawa (obviously, they couldn’t help that.) However, his son is in this movie, but he doesn’t do enough either. HE should’ve been one of the main focal points.


I had fun. The pros outweighed the cons in each of these movies and I can see myself watching them all again. Somehow, these monsters were given personalities and facial expressions which pulled me in more than I was expecting. I saw more expression on Kong’s face than any of the animals in The Lion King remake.


As someone who overthinks way too many shows and movies and nitpicks too often, I’m glad I could just watch these and not care too much about things that didn’t make sense.

I do recommend these movies and especially watching them all in order just so you can get more of the Universe and understand the references.

Have you seen any of the “Monsterverse” movies? What did you think?



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