Book Quibbles: The Young Avengers Vol. 1 – Review

Who the #*&% are the Young Avengers?

As Marvel introduces some of the Young Avengers’ characters, they’re definitely setting them up in the MCU, I wanted to read their comics before more of their shows/movies come out.

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I’ve seen most Marvel movies (the only ones I haven’t are Ant-Man) but I haven’t read many comics (The Runaways and Squirrel Girl being the only ones,) so I was excited to dive into the comic world more. And Amazon has all the volumes.*

Who The Hell Are The Young Avengers?

Asgardian, Iron Lad, Patriot, and Hulkling sound like the side-kicks of the Avengers, but when Iron Lad goes searching for other teens with powers to help him, the Young Avengers are formed. Soon, Cassie Lang and Kate Bishop end up joining the team and trying to prove to the Avengers they can fight despite their ages.

the young avengers

They might be inexperienced without proper training, but they’re willing to take on anything after the Avengers are disbanded.

Each of these kids are connected to the Avengers in different ways. Patriot is the grandson of Elijah Bradley and Cassie Lang is Ant-Man’s daughter, but their families don’t know what they’re doing and the Avengers are threatening to do the worst: tell their parents.

Representation and Diverse Characters

I liked learning how the team got together, what their powers are, and each of them individually. Because I need to know things, I already researched the Young Avengers as WandaVision aired because of Billy and Tommy…mostly Billy because here is your LGBTQ representation MCU. He’s right there!

the young avengers

The different races, sexualities, and backgrounds of the characters add some much needed representation the movies still need, and being teenagers, they can attract a younger audience as someone to connect to.

the young avengers

There is some characters I didn’t know, but you catch on pretty quickly. If the story needs them, they will be explained.

But there’s a Runaways reference so…I knew something.


The Young Avengers are a fun group to follow as they try to deal with school and hiding their identities while trying to prove to everyone they’re not just the Avengers’ “side-kicks” or a joke.

the young avengers

A lot happens in this first volume as the group starts to form. Powers are awakened, families are revealed, and numerous villains pass through. It is easy to follow and the illustrations don’t get too “muddy,” especially the fight scenes.

I’m excited to see where these characters go, not only in the MCU but the other comics as well.


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4 thoughts on “Book Quibbles: The Young Avengers Vol. 1 – Review

  1. thecharacterstudy says:

    I’ve been planning to write a post about the Young Avengers, so I was curious about who else out there had done so, and it turns out not many people have. So I was very glad to find your post! Did you by any chance continue reading the series?

    Liked by 1 person

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      No, I haven’t yet. I’ve been to a bookstore a few times and hoped to see the next volumes there but they had no Young Avengers, so I’ve noticed the lack as well. I’ve seen some Youtube videos on them though. However, they seem to be popular as people are excited about them 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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