TV Quibbles: Invincible Season 1 – Review

“That’s the tricky part of the job, balancing what you want to do with what you need to do.”

As someone who didn’t read the comics, I went in completely blind to this show, only knowing who created it (Robert Kirkman) and the voice cast ( J.K. Simmons, Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh to name a few of many.)

But it still appeared like a different take on the superhero genre so I was excited and got a lot more than I bargained for.

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I’m *Insert Title Card*

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The Gaurdians of the Globe protect this earth, made up of what is essentially the Justice League, along with Omni Man (whose an alien) who kind of does his own thing while helping out when needed.

Mark Grayson is the son of Omni Man and is a pretty average teenager until the day comes he was waiting for: he gets his powers; flight, speed, and even slow-aging just to name a few.

But once Omni Man, aka Nolan finds out, everything changes and he’s reminded of why he came to earth long ago.

Superhero Tropes But Different

Invincible really takes you on a ride in just the first episode. What starts out as a regular, “Kid gets his powers” turns into a season long mystery surrounding The Guardians of the Globe and whether or not Mark can live up to his name.

Invincible is such a diverse show that spins a lot of superhero cliches along with other expectations. The characters are unique and I liked the different superpowers. One girl, literally named Monster Girl, turns into a monster but when she does, her body gets younger.

invincible mark and teen team

One big part of the show I need to point out: It is violent. There is a lot of gore and death and blood and even though it’s animated, it can get brutal. The end of the first episode shows you just what kind of ride you’re going on.


For the most part, most of the story is wrapped up while leaving doors open for season two. There wasn’t much I felt disappointed about or like it wasn’t resolved. Some of the sub-plots didn’t overly interest me, but I am surprised how character-driven the show is.

invincible mark and nolan

The voice acting is great as well as the animation (most of the time.) From the get-go you know what world this is. There are a lot of super powered people and groups, like Teen Team, and they’re not just good or bad, but a lot in between.

Mark is a likable protagonist to follow, and although he makes questionable decisions, he does what he can while living up to the mantle of his father. There’s A LOT of room for him to grow and I’m actually excited to see him get stronger.

invincible mark nodding gif

Invincible is a recommendation from me but like I mentioned, be wary of violence and gore that may be triggering.

You can watch Invincible on Prime Video or read the comic here.*


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