Is The Sims 4: “Dream Home Decorator” Worth It?

Get paid to renovate houses…which we could already do.

I got a bit too hyped when the trailer came out. I like building and for a short span of my life wanted to be an interior designer. I was ten. Like usual, I used my Sim to play through this pack and live out that dream.

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Build & Buy Is The Selling Point

Per usual, create-a-sim is cute (for older female/feminine Sims) although it’s not 100% my style. However, I have a very similar outfit to my Sim in real life. But for males/masculine, kids, and toddlers there’s not much. The male Sims already have similar outfits to what they get and the hairs are such a let down.

the sims 4 dream home decorator create a sim

The biggest part of this pack is build and buy. There are new objects for every room but I wish there was more clutter and plants. The swatches do match well and the items are nice.

Some of the best parts are the new shoe clutter, hanging clothes, the kitchen appliances (separate oven and stove top,) and connecting couches.

the sims 4 dream home decorator objects

Becoming An Interior Designer

The career is not a freelance career although it feels like one. It reminds me a lot of the photography career that came with the Moschino Pack. A pack I surprisingly liked. It starts at 9 am the next day and can go on until 9 pm but it only took my Sim, at most, three hours. The longest parts are interviewing the Sim and showing off the remodel. BUT, you don’t have to go with them.

The new likes and dislikes come in handy and this pack comes with a category for design. I wish we had more to choose from but I also get that I’m asking for a lot at this point.

the sims 4 dream home decorator lounge

I also didn’t know which room to renovate. When I entered build mode, I assumed only the room I need to renovate would also be in build mode, or it would say, “living room,” but it wasn’t very specific so I said whatever and either did the entire bottom floor or the dining room.

You can also take before and after pictures which creates a little slideshow at the end so I liked that.

A side note: The likes and dislike categories can either be a huge help or none at all. You could get their favorite color or décor or they’ll tell you they like skiing and hate the pipe organ. In two gigs, the Sims mentioned skiing. What am I going to do with that? One did mention bowling so they got bowling pictures.

Is This Game Pack Worth It?

When it comes to gameplay, there’s not much. There’s a new career and it’s enjoyable overall, but we can already renovate houses in the game. At least we’re getting paid for it!

I can see why it’s considered a Game Pack, just because of all the build and buy items, but take a few of those away and it comes off as more of a Stuff Pack. It’s full of stuff with a career that can already be done in game. The interactions are cute and the higher you get into the career the more options you have, but it doesn’t even come with any new traits or aspirations. I definitely expected an aspiration.

Overall, I don’t think this pack is worth the (at least depending where you live) $20. I’ve seen packs created by modders that come with just as much. If you’re into building then it’s more worth it but I still think this could’ve been a Stuff Pack.

If you’re really interested, I’d wait for it to go on sale.


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