Mini Reviews Of Things I Liked The Past Few Months

From movies, to shows, and a new planner.

Because of my impromptu blogging break, I never got around to talking about things I watched or did over the last few months so that’s what this post is.

I’m going to try to keep them as short as possible, but that rarely happens on this blog. *Also mild spoilers.*

Loki (Disney+)

Loki was high on my list of new Marvel stuff coming out this year and…it was fine. *I wasn’t a fan of Loki and Sylvie. I liked Sylvie herself but wish she was used as a way to better Loki through his character development, which I also felt was a bit rushed.

However, I had no idea what would happen and learning more about the multiverse was my favorite part. Also, the ending is wild and one of my favorite parts of the entire show. Is it my favorite Disney+ show? No, WandaVision still holds that spot, but there is so much about this show setting up the next few years of the MCU and there are a lot of funny moments along with sadness because that’s what we’re getting with these shows. Showing how much these characters need therapy.

Black Widow (An Actual Theater)

Black Widow had the opposite effect on me. I wasn’t expecting a lot going in, I still wanted to watch it, but was pleasantly surprised. The family aspect and opening credits were some of my favorite parts. However, my favorite part was Yelena, the same as most people.

But, there were so many fight scenes that should’ve ended with someone more seriously injured. I couldn’t believe they were surviving falls without more than a bruise, so that kind of took me out of it. I also wish they talked about the Red Room more. Overall, it was fun and I’d easily watch it again.

Fear Street: Parts 1-3 (Netflix)

I watched these on an impulse and had so much fun. It starts in 1994 and goes back to 1978 and finally 1666 and connecting them all is the witch Sarah Fier and her curse on the town of Shadyside. I liked learning more and more about the curse during each part and the finale is satisfying.

The deaths can get pretty gruesome and there is homophobia (because the main couple is f/f, how happy I was) so there’s that to watch out for, but it’s a recommendation from me. I hope this can lead to more Fear Street installments since it’s based off the series by R.L. Stine.

Silk and Sonder Planners

I found these via Instagram ad and wanted to try something different because it’s around this time of year I usually fall off from using my planner and look for a new one. It’s annoying, but I might’ve found the fix for that. Silk and Sonder sends you monthly planners with prompts, habit sheets, mood trackers, and a theme along with coloring pages, poems, and quotes. You get a lot in each planner and they’re put together well.


They are $20 but I feel the amount you get makes it worth it. I’m on my second month and loving it a lot. Getting a new one at the start reignites your motivation to keep track of things.

As a rating, I’m just going to say to check them out and if you’re like me who gets bored of the same planner after a while or likes a fresh start at the beginning of the month, then it could be worth it. This isn’t sponsored or affiliated or anything, but here’s their website.

Grow With Jo (Youtube)

My mom found Jo and so I decided to give her workouts a try. I wasn’t expecting to sweat so much during a fifteen minute walk but from that point on I’ve been following her channel. She posts everything from an easy 20 minute wake-up video to an hour long, 4 mile workout. I don’t do them every day, just because I like to switch things up, but she does post a weekly workout schedule you can follow.


I enjoy doing her shorter workouts if I don’t have much time before work or if I’m sore from another workout or still kind of tired after work. Your heart rate will go up, but there’s next to no jumping and if you do a walk with weights, you can seriously burn.

The Sims 4: Cottage Living

I’m not really into the cottage core “aesthetic.” I think it’s cute but Cottage Living didn’t super excite me upon seeing the trailers…but in the end I decided to get the pack and found it to be actually fun. I like the new animals and having to buy your own groceries. I like the new world and items and CAS.

But…it’s not worth $40. They could’ve added so much more in build and buy, CAS still lacks for masculine Sims, and there’s just not enough to do to justify the price. I’m glad I have the pack and I can see myself playing with it more, so in the end…it’s worth it when it goes on sale.


As you can see, I have no books to review and that’s because I haven’t finished a book in months. I either start then stop or just can’t get into one at all. However, I’m more than halfway through Gearbreakers and hopefully, a review for that will be up next.


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3 thoughts on “Mini Reviews Of Things I Liked The Past Few Months

  1. Jasmine says:

    I’ve been debating giving the sims cottage update a try, but everyone seems to be saying the same thing about it not really being worth the price, so i’ll stick to stardew and new horizons for now :’)

    I still haven’t finished Loki yet, i’m on the last episode but I can already tell wandavision is going to remain my favourite marvel tv series for the time being~

    Great post! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      Yes, definitely wait for a sale. It’s fun but not worth it.

      I’ve enjoyed all the Marvel shows so far but WandaVision just had something the other two don’t, although lots of people say that about Loki.

      Thanks for reading! x


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