Book Quibbles: Gearbreakers – Review

We stopped praying to the deities and started to build them instead.”

I’ve been in the worst reading slump this year. I can’t finish anything and nothing stands out, but after seeing Gearbreakers show up on Twitter and reading the description, I thought this may be it. This will pull me out of the slump.

Fighting robots and a f/f romance, thank you for that.

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You Do Not Have My Permission To Die

In this dystopian world, Godolia rules with their giant robots piloted by people trained at the Academy. Sona is one of them, but her hate for Godolia runs deep and she’ll do anything to get back at them for taking her home and turning her into an emotionless bot.

On the other side is Eris, a Gearbreaker hell bent on taking down Godolia. When Eris ends up at the Academy, Sona sees her way out. Although Eris finds it hard to trust Sona at first, they’ll eventually develop feelings for one another and try to take down Godolia together.

The Only Way To Kill A God Is From The Inside

If you’ve seen Pacific Rim then it’s a good way to picture the mechas and Pilots, although they’re not fighting monsters, but destroying towns and controlling everything. I liked the concept and understood why Sona hates Godolia so much. Even though she’s not supposed to feel things, she does have a dry humor to her which counteracts Eris’s fiery attitude. Eris will stop at nothing to get revenge and brings out this commanding leader persona to hide how much she cares about her family.

These two are a slow burn so if you’re hoping for them to get together quickly, it really doesn’t happen until the end and even then, you’re left on a big cliffhanger. Through their interactions you can see each one falling for the other, but not many actions come out of it and that probably has something to do with Eris having a boyfriend/fling through the first half, which I wasn’t a fan of but I’ll add onto that later.

Everything is detailed and there is humor despite how serious the situation can be.


I was disappointed I didn’t get attached to any of the side characters. There’s Eris’s sister Jenny, who is chaotic and doesn’t listen to authority figures, and a few members of her crew stood out more, but there are a lot so sometimes you can’t remember who is who or there isn’t much to differentiate between them.

Then there’s Milo, Eris’s “thing.” I was surprised to see them together, and not because Eris was with a boy, but because I knew something would happen to Milo for her and Sona to grow closer, whether he die or become a jerk. He didn’t really add much and could’ve been out of the story completely.


gearbreakers cover

“And … try to not think worse of me.” In my pocket, my forefinger curls into the crook of my thumb. There is so much heat in my face that it is a tangible weight. “Worse than you already do.”

Gearbreakers is an enjoyable read. The dystopian world (a genre I haven’t read in a while), giant fighting robots, and a f/f love story immediately piqued my interest. The robots don’t fight THAT MUCH, a few in the beginning and end, so a lot of the story focuses more on Sona figuring out if she’s still human and Eris fighting the connection the two have, which isn’t a complaint at all.

But I just didn’t fall in love with this book like I thought I would. I didn’t have that big connection with a character. There are duel POVS between Sona and Eris so I hoped I would attach myself to one, but that didn’t happen.

However, the likes outweigh the dislikes and I’m looking forward to the next book. I just hope it doesn’t go down a road that this ending suggests. I’d actually put this one between 3.5-4 stars, but rounded it up.

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