August 2021 Roundup

A recap of my blog and life from August 2021.

Header credit: Richard Sagredo on Unsplash

Blog Roundup

I’m happy to be back to a regular blogging schedule. I told myself not to worry about posting every week. If I post a few times a month that will be fine, but I’ve felt like blogging so I’m going to take this motivation while I have it.

I asked on Twitter if anyone makes blog post headers as I wanted a new one for my book reviews and I’m so happy @createwtiffany messaged me. It matches the look of my blog perfectly and check out her stuff if you’re looking.

I’m proud of myself for posting weekly reviews of Marvel’s What If…? series. They may not get the most views but it being more of an anthology makes it easier to review and even though they’re shorter, I’m enjoying it.



  • This month I didn’t really go anywhere or do anything, which is fine. I got to focus on my personal goals like blogging, working on my book, and working out. However…
  • I’ve been having some body aches. Specifically my knees and lower back. I’m pretty sure I strained my lower back again and my knees have been killing me after work since I stand all day. There’s been a lot of icing/heating, I actually got some hemp cream that seems to be helping a little, and new knee braces so I’m hoping it all helps.


Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

I haven’t been following all the Spider-Man news but when I saw Daredevil rumored to be in it got a little too excited. I’d actually like to see him more than the other Spider-Men (sorry, I even grew up with Toby Maguire’s.) But from what we’ve seen so far, I’m excited. I actually have the day requested off work to see the movie. Seriously.

spiderman crying gif

Bridegewater (Podcast)

I discovered this podcast thanks to Misha Collins who is an executive producer and is the main voice. It’s about a professor whose father disappeared years ago but one day his police badge appears. It takes place in a town that’s rumored to have a bunch of paranormal activity and Misha’s character refuses to believe it. I’m three episodes in and liking it so far.

bridgewater podcast

Just give me a weird small town with strange occurrences.


  • read my first book in months
  • consistently posted
  • worked out 3-5x a week depending on my work schedule and how my back felt
  • finally editing my book under its new name
  • reading almost every day, even if it’s just a little
  • mediated a few times, which is more than the last few months
  • got back into crochet and made some pumpkin coasters

September Goals

  • really watch what I eat
  • post 1-2x a week
  • read one book
  • meditate a few times a week
  • it’s a stretch but I have a pair of jeans I’m trying to fit into by fall/the cooler months

Like August, I don’t have any plans for September except going to the movies on the 3rd to see Shang-Chi, so I hope to get some of my goals accomplished. Also time to decorate for fall.


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4 thoughts on “August 2021 Roundup

  1. sarahslemonadelife says:

    Awesome accomplishments! I don’t have too many plans yet for September either, except decorating for fall and blogging and moving. I can’t wait see Spiderman No Way Home! I love all the Marvel movies.

    Liked by 1 person

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