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What If…Zombies? – Review

What if a zombie outbreak defeated the Avengers?

I feel like this is the episode people waited for the most. It’s based off the Marvel comic created by Robert Kirkman. I haven’t read it but if it’s anything like his other comics, I assume it’s graphic and gory as hell. This episode even has a higher rating (PG-16) than the others.

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Avenge Us

The episode starts with the beginning of Infinity War. Bruce Banner is sent back to earth but when he arrives, the streets are empty. Even Thanos’s children show up but are met by a different version of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Wong. Like most zombie apocalypses, a bite will turn someone, but imagine the zombie with powers. They’re still sentient enough to make portals or use blasters.

what if zombies

Bruce meets up with a group of survivors who receive a signal from a camp that there could be a cure.

This episode is a lot. It gave me early Walking Dead vibes. You have no idea who’s going to survive or what twist is around the corner. The standout is definitely Spider-man. He’s still smiling despite losing literally all of his family, including Uncle Ben who actually got a name drop.

what if zombies wanda

I’ll admit, the zombies are creepy. They mention throughout the episode different horror tropes and it gave off the vibe a few times. The scariest part to me is zombie Wanda. She has her powers, but is a zombie. The way they set her up, hiding her in shadows, and having no clue how they could even defeat her.


what if zombies captain america

I don’t want to say how the apocalypse started, but this episode is a fun yet creepy ride. There are hopeful moments, but also moments you have no idea how the characters will get out. The imagery is so good and there are gory moments. I wouldn’t say it’s as bad as The Walking Dead or even the comic it’s based on, but there are a few scenes here and there.

The ending is a huge cliffhanger making me wonder if there will be a part two? I feel like they can’t just end it where they did. Even if not this season, the next.

I also realized at the end that there are a few missing characters, specifically Thor and the Guardians. Obviously, the space-parts of Infinity War are playing out the way they always have but without Tony, Strange, and Peter meeting them, it makes you wonder how those parts changed.

Like I said before, you don’t have to keep up with the rest of the season to watch the episodes and if you’re interested in checking any out, this is one of them.


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