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September 2021 Roundup

A recap of my blog and life from September 2021.

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I feel September started off well, and then things happened and I just didn’t have the time or energy to post (see personal recap.) I do hope with a week off in October I can catch up and post more.

I’m also changing my WordPress plan. I’m downgrading from premium to personal. Mostly to save money, but I also feel like there won’t be much of a difference with the exception of ads being removed.

September was also my weakest month when it comes to views this year. It hasn’t bothered me at all. I know these things fluctuate and since I wasn’t active at all for a majority of the month, I’m still happy with the views I got.


Personal Recap

  • September wasn’t as great as August.
  • I started out by popping my lower back out and after I got it popped back in, hurt my sciatic nerve. It runs down your lower back and into your butt and legs. I had to take two weeks off from working out, but I wanted it to heal properly. I wasn’t in pain but it was uncomfortable most of the time and my butt and legs felt numb until I did stretches to help.
  • Then towards the end of the month I got a lovely cold. I only had it for about a week but it was a sucky week, but getting ten hours of sleep one night really helped. At the same time another girl I work with got three days off for being sick so I was kind of annoyed I had to work when I could barely talk.
  • Speaking of work, it sucks right now. We had two people quit in one week so I’ve been working six days ever since. And I have no idea when it will get back to normal because as of me posting this, no one new is hired.
  • It’s also been annoying me more. So many people expect so many things out of us, even though we’re short-handed and tired. I’ll get so fed up and hold things in so if something were to happen and I burst and everything comes out, I’ll probably be fired.
  • However, Animal Crossing and crochet have been my ways of destressing. When I was sick, all I wanted to do was play Animal Crossing since I reset my island (and I even wrote a post about it that I didn’t have the energy to finish, but will get around to) and after work, all I want to do is crochet.
  • One good thing to happen: I got new piercings. I got a second lobe piercing in both ears and to cross something off my list of things I want to do before I turn thirty: I got my nose pierced again.

September Favorites

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

I saw Shang-Chi opening night and ended up almost loving it. For most of the movie, I forgot I was watching a Marvel movie. The fight scenes are the best, not only in the MCU, but some of the best I’ve seen. I love the Chinese mythology and fantasy aspect to it. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the final fight. I really missed the martial arts as it used more of the rings, but there is a dragon, so that’s a plus.

shang-chi marvel

Overall, one of my favorite Marvel movies ever. I planned on buying it when it came out of Disney+ but since it’ll be available in November, I’ll definitely be watching it.


The house has been decorated since Labor Day, the sweaters are coming out, and the fall activities are starting. I would say fall is my second favorite season and since I actually have stuff to do this year, that makes me even more excited.

fall snoopy gif

September Accomplishments

  • I got three new piercings
  • Got over a cold fairly quickly
  • Did a lot of crocheting
  • Made it through a stressful month of work without telling a manager off…for now

October Goals

  • Get back on track with everything: working out, blogging, eating better, working on my book
  • Post 3-4x
  • Read one book
  • Don’t spend too much on vacation
  • Finish my first crocheted cardigan

Yes, I get one more week’s vacation (three in total this year.) I actually have plans and may do a post about my week off. But I also want to spend a few days doing nothing. I’m pretty much 100% better from my cold and ready to get back on track with things.


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