Book Quibbles: Cosmoknights: Book One – Review

For this ragtag band of space gays, liberation means beating the patriarchy at its own game.

I started and finished a book on the first day of the year and I don’t care if it’s a graphic novel, I see this as a win.

Medieval Space

cosmoknights cass and bee hurt book one

There’s knights fighting for princesses and a group of people fighting to destroy the system that marries these princesses off to the winners.

Pan is one of those people. She grew up with her best friend Tara, who happened to be a princess, but didn’t want the life set before her since before she was born. One night, Pan helps Tara escape and five years later, hasn’t heard anything from Tara since.

It’s not until the recent tournament that Pan gets involved when two of the knights show up at her and her parent’s house and after that, Pan realizes she doesn’t want to stay stuck on her planet anymore, not being able to do anything to invoke change.

Fight For Your Own Hand

cosmoknights space drawing

The concept is so different from other books I’ve read. I love the meshing of futuristic-space setting with the outdated concept of fighting for the hand of a princess. Well, I don’t mean I love the outdated concept, just the fact that it works so well in this story.

Along with Pan are two characters, Cass and Bee, and I love their their backstory and why they do what they do.

There are a lot of twists and reveals that add a lot of depth to the characters and take the story in a new direction. Especially the ending. It really sets up more books and makes me excited to see where it goes.


cosmoknights book one cover

The story is diverse with many POC and LGBTQ+ characters with, like I said, different backgrounds and motivations.

The pictures are amazing. They’re colorful and everything is easy to see and the characters are easy to tell apart. There are also fight scenes and I felt like I could tell what was going on in most of them.

Cosmoknights is a great retelling about period of time, but now in space with a lot more representation. It talks about choosing your own path and doing what’s right when you feel it.

All of the characters are easy to like and for different reasons. I’m excited to learn more about them in the upcoming installments.

This one and actually the second are available to read on the website, Cosmoknights.Space. My sister had just finished reading her copy and the cover immediately piqued my interest. I’ll definitely be reading the second book in the near future, but I’ve already started another book (holy shit) in the meantime.

*On a side note: I plan on posting 4x a month, so that means I could have one every week or two every other week, it just depends. And if I feel like doing more, then I will, but I don’t want to force myself because I feel like my motivation just burns out in the end.

But anyway, good luck to everyone and their goals this year x


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