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Thoughts On: The Sims 4 Kits

Have I bought any and are they worth it?

I’m sure you’ve heard many opinions on Kits and have your own…and here’s another.

I haven’t done a Sims review in a while and that’s because the only thing that’s come out since Cottage Living is Kits, so I figured I should talk about them at some point. It’s also kind of hard to review them on their own without just talking about each item, which I don’t like to do with my reviews.

So, here are my thoughts on Kits.

Kits I Have Bought

At the time of posting this, I’ve bought two kits.

Country Kitchen Kit

This was one of the first three kits to come out and out of the three, it appealed to me the most. I do like it and actually use the items a bunch, especially the clutter items, the wall, and floor. I think because kits were new I wanted to give one a try, but I don’t think I would buy this one if it came out now, mostly because it reminds me too much of what we got in Cottage Living.

the sims 4 country kitchen kit items

Blooming Rooms Kit

This is the one once since the kits came out that I legitimately wanted and use a lot. I like all of the new plant options and the different sizes, especially more of the smaller plants with more color options.

I have thought about buying the Incheon Arrivals Kit, but like others have said, I’d rather just download custom content from someone.

the sims 4 blooming rooms kit items

I tend to lean more towards build kits because I’ve been uploading builds on the gallery (meaganlamb by the way) so I usually only download mods or create-a-sim CC.

Overall Thoughts

I know when it comes to console gamers they get the short-end of the stick because they don’t get that option to download CC in replace of any of the packs, and I don’t mind the idea of niche packs that maybe someone would want but someone else wouldn’t, but I really wish you got more in each pack.

Overall, I don’t think Kits are worth it.

At the moment I don’t think kits have gone on sale (I could be wrong.) If they lowered the price down to 3 US dollars then I could see it being worth it (and I know it’s even more in other countries.)

the sims 4 blooming rooms kit cover with plants

There are many more kits on the horizon (yip-ee) and I don’t see myself buying many, unless it’s something like Blooming Rooms because that was something we actually needed (in my opinion.)

However, I like to build so someone who prefers CAS would probably prefer the clothing kits.

I almost forgot to mention the cover art for the kits, which they changed and many assume it’s because of the Industrial Loft Kit cover including a window that didn’t exist in the kit. I actually like the drawn art. It distinguishes the kits from other packs and it’s cute.

I’m hoping to review a past pack that I haven’t yet in the near future in the meantime, while we wait for another pack (pack, not kit) to come out.

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7 thoughts on “Thoughts On: The Sims 4 Kits

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      They came out sometime last spring, I think. You get about 25-30 items in each one and they’re 5 (US) dollars. Lots of people hate the idea of them because they’re essentially a cash grab. Instead of making one big pack with all of this stuff, they split it up, but on the other hand, I don’t mind making smaller, niche packs if some people want certain things and others don’t.

      They’ve come out with a bunch of Create a Sim kits, a good amount of build kits, and only one gameplay kit, which is another reason why people don’t like them. It’s been the only thing that’s come out since summer.


  1. courtney says:

    I haven’t played Sims in the longest time and this post has made me feel so nostalgic! I used to love buying kits for my Sims games, I haven’t kept up to date with any of the new games recently!

    Courtney x

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