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February 2022 Blog and Personal Recap

A recap of my blog and life from February 2022.

Header credit: Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

Before I start:

A website with a list of places to donate to help Ukraine.

Blog Recap

  • My goal of four posts per month didn’t happen this time.
  • I’ll get more into that in the personal part, but I realize it’s not a big deal and I did what I could given the circumstances.
  • My stats also took a drop, which isn’t that much of a surprise, but I hope to get back on track next month.



  • I got my 8th tattoo: I planned on writing a post about it but in the end, never finished it. I didn’t know what I was getting going in since it’s called a “Get What You Get” tattoo out of a gumball machine. It took me three tries to get something I was fine with being on my body and it ended up being a clam. It definitely fits me and I’m happy with it.
  • My anxiety has been awful: With what’s going on in the world, my anxiety has been the worst in years. I’ve been on verge of panic attacks. But I feel like once I said it out loud, I felt better. Not in all aspects, but I realized I need to get off Twitter. Playing the Sims has helped.
  • Seasonal depression hit a little: I like how I said last month that I haven’t felt the effects of seasonal depression but it definitely happened this month. Granted, it’s nowhere near where it usually is. I just had a few off days here and there. The weather was all over the place and I’m just ready for spring. However, the days getting longer is helping.
  • I’m not buying the new Sims 4 Game Pack: Well, as of the time I’m posting this. I usually buy every pack (with the exception of Kits) and was so excited for Wedding Stories, but after seeing the bugs, I decided to wait until they get it figured out. What’s even more sad is how modders have found ways to fix said bugs but not the actual developers. Maybe you’ll see a post for it in the future.
  • I’m not sure where my book is going: I was really getting into editing and planning new things out but now I’m just stuck again. I haven’t felt motivated to work on it but maybe that’s just because of everything going on, so I’m not going to force myself to work on it this month. If I feel like it, I will. Or maybe I’ll want to start a new project. We’ll see.

Monthly Favorites

The Olympics

Not getting into the conflict of where the games took place, I’ve always been someone who watches the Olympics, more so to support the athletes of all countries. I grew up wanting to play softball in the Olympics (and then they got rid of them for many years so that dream died) and appreciate watching sports you don’t always get to see throughout the year.

winter olympics skiing flip gif

Next, the Paralympics.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Trailer

I’ve been looking forward to this since WandaVision. I literally gasped out loud when I heard Patrick Stewart. I’ve been looking forward for mutants to come into the MCU since they were acquired by Fox. It’s only been a matter of waiting for when it would happen.

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness trailer gif wanda strange I become the enemy

Along with Moon Knight and Kenobi, I’m so excited for the next few months.

Currently Watching

Currently Reading

February Accomplishments

  • Exercised: 18/28 days
  • Posted: 3 times
  • Vegetarian/Pescatarian: 13/28 days
  • Meditated: 5/28 days (yeah, you’d think this would’ve helped my anxiety)
  • Books Finished: 2
  • Saved a lot more money and spending less
  • I made the most at my job so far and was really excited about it
  • I finally got out of the house after almost three months and did something

March Goals and Where I Want to Improve

  • Eat better: With Valentine’s Day I had too much candy. Then toward the end of the month it was the same by taking a trip to Pittsburgh. I didn’t do as well as January but I’m ready to get back to eating better.
  • Track what I eat every day
  • Exercise: 21/31 days
  • Vegetarian/Pescatarian: 12/31 days
  • Books Read: 2
  • Continue saving money
  • Continue with other habits such as skin and healthcare
  • Post: 4 times
  • Get into flossing my teeth (I was really keeping up with it a while ago, but then I ran out of floss, but I finally remembered to get more.)
  • Take care of my mental health more by (maybe) mediating or playing the Sims when I just need to stop worrying about things.

What To Look Forward To

  • Moon Knight
  • Another trip to Pittsburgh
  • And possibly another trip to the Botanical Gardens
  • A haircut…if I remember to call and schedule it
  • Spring and Daylight Savings
  • Hopefully the start of taking my dog on walks
  • Warmer weather (hopefully)

How was your February?

snoopy valentine's day gif making paper hearts


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17 thoughts on “February 2022 Blog and Personal Recap

  1. Sarah says:

    Sorry to hear your anxiety has been so bad 😦 I always enjoy reading your posts, no matter how frequent they are!
    Seasonal depression sucks. I have been feeling it a lot this year – a long distance relationship definitely doesn’t help! One thing I tried which I actually found quite helpful was St John’s Wort supplements. You can get them from health food shops here in the UK, not sure if it would be the same in the US, and I didn’t experience any side effects from them. They do interact with a lot of medication though so you have to be careful, but they’re often recommended for SAD.
    I am also trying to eat more healthily at the moment after a really bad cholesterol test. Annoyingly high cholesterol runs in my family but I know that spending all of the winter indulging in chocolate pretty much every day didn’t help. It’s just so hard when you have work stress and the weather is awful. I am so impressed by how much you’re exercising though! That is something else I really want to work on but it’s so hard finding the motivation when work is so stressful at the moment. I’m a teacher in a secondary school (equivalent to US high school I think) and it’s gearing up to exam season so there is just SO MUCH MARKING.
    Also have you tried interdental brushes instead of floss? I find it so much easier and my friend who is studying to become a dental therapist/hygienist says it’s a lot more effective. It makes your gums bleed loads at first but that stops within a week.
    Anyway I think everything you’re doing is awesome and I really admire your commitment to making so many changes for the better in your life. You got this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      Thank you so much for this comment. It seriously made my day 🙂

      The weather really doesn’t help stress and emotional eating for me. It’s been pretty warm the last few days (and then it’s going to drop again) so I’ve just felt so much more rejuvenated.

      I had to look up those brushes you talked about and I actually remember using them when I had braces. I’ll definitely have to look into them again. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my blog. Thank you so much x


    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      I never had an issue with them showing everything but with the Paralympics being on right now, they seriously get screwed with airtime. And when they show stuff, it’s the same thing over and over again. I’ve seen the same sled hockey game three times in two days.

      Thanks for commenting! x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Charlene McElhinney says:

    Love a wee recap/personal reflective post. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling anxious lately. I hope this month is a bit better for you. Also don’t beat yourself up for not getting 4 posts out every month, sometimes it’s hard to stick to your goals, just try again this month – at least once a week! And if you’re on a role with your writing just try get a few done in one day and schedule them for the week ahead so you don’t overwhelm yourself when you don’t feel much like writing/posting.

    Hope March is an amazing month for you!! ❤

    Charlene McElhinney

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Charlene McElhinney says:

    Sorry to hear your anxiety has been playing up, I hope this month is a little better for you. Also, don’t beat yourself up for not smashing out 4 posts every month, sometimes life happens and things get in the way. Maybe on a day where you’re on a role you could bash out a couple of posts and schedule them for the days/weeks where you might hit a brick wall and not feel much like posting/writing.

    I really enjoyed this post. Love a wee recap/personal reflective post. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Molly | Transatlantic Notes says:

    It’s always good to do a recap of the month as you can see where you’ve made progress even when things have been tough anxiety wise (I feel you on that one). I must get into the habit of doing this more regularly but I tend to just let things fall where they may when I am struggling, etc. Good luck with your March goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      Thank you! I think one habit that I don’t really think about is being hard on myself if I don’t meet a goal or do enough of something, so I’m trying not to do that.

      I hope you have a great March! Thanks for reading x


  5. Britt K says:

    The Sims has been a big part of my self-care through all the unknown and craziness over the last couple of years. That being said, I’m also holding out on this kit. It has been a point of contention right from the start with all the drama surrounding its release (or lack of at one point) in Russia. To then follow that up with a kit that’s so broken that it’s not usable and still expect people to hand over their money… no thanks, I’ll pass! I feel sorry for anyone that isn’t part of the online community and didn’t have the heads up before making a purchase.

    Liked by 1 person

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      I completely agree. I was also holding out because of the Russia situation, then was ready to get it, then saw all the issues. I feel the same way.

      I’ve never really had huge bug issues with new packs, except Eco Lifestyle, but if more of us keep doing this, then maybe (hopefully) they’ll release it when it’s actually ready.

      Thanks for reading, Britt! x


  6. Stuart Danker says:

    Hey, you didn’t get the blog posts done and your anxiety was bad, but at least you accomplished quite a few achievements in February, especially exercise! Do keep it up, and wishing you all the best for this month.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. walkingoffthechessboard says:

    The Snoopy Valentine creation at the end of the post…lol! I do enjoy watching the Olympics when they roll around…it is great to see all those sports we don’t see anywhere except the Olympics. Looks like Softball is not on the agenda for the 2024 Paris Games, but since the US has the 2028 Games in LA they most likely will include it then. It should be a permanent part of the Olympics.


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