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The Sims 4 Kit: Décor to the Max – Review

This is my third kit out of…however many there are. Twenty? That’s probably not right.

Eleven. Close enough.

Again, I bought a kit related to build and buy. I wasn’t really planning on it at first but I really like the items. I love items that have pop and color to them. I like that stuff in real life, especially as accents.

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My other kit review: Thoughts on the Sims 4: Kits

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Building with the Items

To test out the kit, I decided to make a small home using only the kit and base game. This is partially inspired by lilsimsie who recently did a challenge using only the Paranormal Stuff Pack and Décor to the Max items, but I did give myself some more leeway with pricing since this stuff is a bit more expensive.

Unless I’m specifically playing with a challenge, I don’t usually care about the price of a house since I always use the free real estate cheat, but I still set the price at $25,000 (and ended up only using $21,000.)

After building with the items, I can say I like them, but they feel a bit out of place in a house with “normal” items. This is a pack that should definitely be used with others like Get Famous or Paranormal Stuff. However, using one or two as statement pieces in a “normal” house could work as well. Not all of the swatches are super out there and some can go in any living space.

I actually used everything in this house and have some favorites such as the wallpaper, the wall art, couch, tables, room divider, and rug.


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sims community

I definitely think the kits either need to have more items in them or need to drop in price. One of the two would justify the other. Personally, I prefer the build kits just because I’d rather download CC clothes.

I already said this in my other post, but I’m not against the idea of kits. Some people don’t like downloading CC or just can’t. But the number of items don’t justify the price.

However, to review this kit specifically, I just can’t help but like most of these items. If you’re a builder, then you’ll like how different they are. I can see myself using a bunch of them in the future.

But I also know this kit isn’t for everyone. I can understand why people won’t like it, but if you want to get out of your building comfort zone, then I’d say it’s a fun kit (that should have more items or be less in price.)

My gallery username: meaganlamb.


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3 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Kit: Décor to the Max – Review

  1. Tanaz Masaba says:

    Love this review here! I sort of stumbled upon your blog while looking up ideas for writing posts about The Sims 4, I am a huge fan of the game (and lilsimsie too lol). I love the way you articulated your thoughts, and your website looks so pretty!

    As for this kit, I love the designs but my biggest issue is how you cannot build a starter home using only Base Game and items from this kit, cause every item is so expensive! Though I do use freerealestate for some sim families, I often play broke sims too and its hard to make pretty homes for them with certain game picks and kits 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      I’m sorry this reply is over a month later but thank you very much for reading 🙂 I really appreciate it!

      And I completely agree about the items. I do both as well, like starting out a rags to riches and building from the ground up, so there are a lot of items I really like but it takes a while to actually use them. And in just a “normal” family home, a lot don’t work as well. I wish they’d put out a kit or pack with relatively cheap items that can work in any type of build.


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