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TV Quibbles: I Am Groot Review

Before there was Baby Yoda, there was Baby Groot.

I mean, who doesn’t want to see more of Baby Groot? We never got much time with him except for Guardian’s of the Galaxy Volume II, so I was looking forward to watching this.

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I Am Groot

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The five shorts follow Baby Groot during parts of his life. The first episode shows him getting big enough to break out of his pot, from the end of the first Guardian’s of the Galaxy, and beginning to walk.

From there, he meets a race of small beings living under a rock, encounters a goo on the ship, and takes a mud bath that causes leaves to quickly grow out of him.

In short, the episodes are cute and enjoyable. If you want a break from all of the other stuff going on in the MCU or have 20 minutes to spare, then I Am Groot will satisfy.

And 20 minutes is pretty much right. The episodes say they’re 5 minutes each, but the credits are easily half of those minutes, so if you’re expecting 5 minutes, take that down to like 3 1/2.

And Rocket does show up, so it’s not just Groot running around doing his own thing while the rest of the Guardians are elsewhere.


I Am Groot is a fun little series as you get to spend more time with the character. There are no big consequences but some little twists within the episodes. So, I can say the show took me by surprise at times.

I am groot picture

It may be aimed at more of a younger audience, but that doesn’t mean anyone can’t enjoy it. And like I said, it’s a quick watch as you spend more time with Groot.


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6 thoughts on “TV Quibbles: I Am Groot Review

  1. Retiring Richie says:

    Hi Meagan,

    “I am Groot” sounds like it might be fun! I’ve watched the Guardians films and really loved the Groot character (especially with his limited vocabulary and interaction with Rocket).

    Is it only available on Disney+?

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