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August 2022 Blog and Personal Recap

A recap of my blog and life from August 2022.

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Blog Recap

Despite saying in my mid-year review that my goal was to just post twice this month, I exceeded my expectations and I’m proud of myself for that. I also didn’t force it.

I’m also trying to make it a habit to engage with other bloggers more, so if I’m late responding to any comments, I’m trying to get better at that.


Personal Recap

  • I got out of the house a lot!
  • First, we went to the Virginia Farm Market: it’s about 2 1/2 hours away and we always stop on the way back from Virginia Beach but we haven’t been to either in three years. I was stoked to get their cherry cider.
  • Then we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Station Square on a cool Saturday. Like usual, it was packed but since we’re members, we plan on going more times in the fall and even into December when it’s not as crowded. And we got to eat outside at Station Square and watch people get trained on Segway’s to go on a tour around Pittsburgh, which was pretty entertaining.
  • My first Renaissance Festival was a lot of fun. We didn’t stay as long as we wanted because it was really hot to the point it was bothering everyone and how the performers/guests wear costumes in that heat is beyond me. But I would like to go back
  • Towards the end of the month my family and I decorated the house for fall, which I had been waiting to do since the start of August.


The Sandman

Even though I already posted a review, I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed this show. I was looking forward to it but wasn’t jumping out of my seat with excitement since I didn’t know much about the world.

the sandman dream gif

However, it took me by surprise and became one of my favorite shows this year.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

So continues my watching of the Disney+ Marvel shows. I’ve never read a She-Hulk comic before but I was looking forward to meeting the character and another side of the MCU. I enjoy seeing it from the perspective of the people living in it, like Ms. Marvel.

shehulk break fourth wall gif

And so far, I’m enjoying it. I really wish they released the first two episodes together. I’m also not one to criticize CGI that much. If I enjoy the thing, then it’s not a big deal to me but with all of the things coming out about Marvel’s VFX team, they seriously need to be paid more and allowed more time to get things done.

she hulk gif

I wouldn’t care if they only released a couple of shows a year in order to give them that time, while also being more than like six episodes. It’s been a constant complaint (with a few exceptions) that the last episode always feels too rushed in these series.

Any way, getting back to She-Hulk, I’m enjoying it so far. I like Tatianna Maslany as the character and I’m glad to see her playing a bigger role because I enjoyed her in Orphan Black.

The Little League World Series

If you don’t watch the Little League World Series, basically a bunch of teams from different parts of the US play against each other while the international teams play each other. And the Mid-Atlantic team is actually from where I live, so we were keeping up with their games until they got eliminated in the US quarter finals.

I actually had a lot of fun watching it, but that last game had me too nervous.

August Accomplishments

  • Continuing to consistently workout and I’m starting to notice different areas looking more toned/losing weight
  • Back to using my planner
  • Posted four times
  • Started a new book
  • I got an iPad, which I should’ve gotten a long time ago
  • Got out of the house a lot

September Goals

  • Track what I eat/how I move everyday
  • Get back on track with a few smallish health things like eating less meat, having one off day a week, and try to start journaling again
  • Finish the book I’m currently reading and finish one more
  • Get at least two Christmas presents crocheted
  • Give myself a spending limit each week (which I realize may be a bit hard considering what’s coming up is all happening within like five days of each other)
  • Since it’s getting cooler, get out and walk more with my dog

What To Look Forward To

  • D23 and all of the Marvel and Star Wars announcements
  • the Pittsburgh Zoo’s Asian Lantern Festival
  • Elton John Concert
  • A trip to Erie
  • We’re redoing our kitchen, which is something we’ve wanted to do for years but since my family didn’t take a vacation this year, we decided to save up money to do some changes around the house
  • Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run
  • Andor show
  • My first week’s vacation (and only) of the year


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One thought on “August 2022 Blog and Personal Recap

  1. walkingoffthechessboard says:

    Love those flying autumn leaves. Looking forward to that sight real soon. I too read about Marvel’s special effect houses pushing back on requests for multiple changes/given less time to work on projects, etc. The way Marvel lays out a course for movies over the next three years or so you’d think their planning and production schedules would not create any “time-crunch” to make decisions,,,and get that work done with time to spare. I’m still not sure how I feel about She-Hulk. I like it so far, but I’m curious as to where it goes from here. I didn’t see Orphan Black but have heard how great Tatiana is and so far I agree with that feeling. We have a renaissance festival near us which starts up this time of year, and I too wonder how the participants pull it off considering the weather they have to perform in.


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