February 2023 Blog and Personal Recap

A recap of my blog and life from February 2023.

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I wasn’t sure how blogging was going to go as I’ve been dealing with my anxiety, but I’ve actually been motivated to get back into it. I’m proud of myself for posting as much as I did this month and I hope the motivation can continue.



  • I’m feeling like myself again: I can’t believe how much my anxiety medication has helped me. Just within a few days I felt it, and within a week, I was feeling completely different, in a good way. I started to feel like myself again.
  • I’m easing myself back in: My therapist told me not to get back into everything right away, and I’m taking her advice. Slowly, I’m getting back into working out and just being more productive in general.
  • Physically, I’m still healing: I’ve been in physical therapy since the beginning of January for a strained shoulder and inflamed cartilage, and I’m doing a lot better now that my anxiety is under control. I think all of the tension I had wasn’t helping things heal.
    • However, I am starting weight lifting at PT and I’m so sore.
  • I’m spending time outside: I realized that being outside really helps my anxiety, and with how warm it’s been (which is not a good thing) I make sure to be outside 15-30 minutes a day. It’s making me excited to start gardening and take my dog on walks.
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The Percy Jackson Series

I did a mini review of The Lightning Thief and now I’m currently reading Sea of Monsters. I don’t know why I didn’t read these books when I was younger, but I’m glad I am now. I’m also learning more about Greek Mythology, which is fun. I also wanted to read the books before the Disney+ series came out.

The Last of Us

I did take a break after watching the first three episodes, but now I am caught up with the show and enjoying it a lot. I missed being into a post-apocalyptic show and I love how different this one is. However, I wasn’t expecting to cry every episode.

the last of us gif
reset era

Abbott Elementary Season 2

It may only be 30 minutes but it’s the one show that I know I can watch and not worry about anything heightening my anxiety. I’m so glad the second season has more episodes than the first and it’s been great to see it win a bunch of awards.


  • I started my anxiety medication
  • managing my anxiety has gotten better and better as the weeks went on
  • easing myself back into working out
  • read 1 book
  • posted 3 times
  • taking care of myself such as skin care, hair care, drinking enough water, eating enough
  • being more productive like cleaning and using my planner
  • spending a lot of time outside

March 2023 Goals

  • finish one book
  • walk/work out 3 days a week
  • now that I’m eating enough, I want to eat better
  • get out of the house and go somewhere
  • 1 blog post
  • get a hair cut

How was your February?

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8 thoughts on “February 2023 Blog and Personal Recap

  1. Annawritesstuff says:

    I’m so glad you are doing well on your meds. Sertraline was the absolute worst for me and differing body chemistries make it so hard to find a fit. I love that your readers know that things are improving and here’s hoping that at least one person tries meds and gets relief after reading this.

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