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1.a slight objection or criticism.

When I first started this blog I just wanted to find a word that rhymed with “scribble” and made sense. Then I discovered “quibble” and everything fell into place.

I talk about books, movies, television and subjects surrounding the three whether it be the characters who make them up, personal favorite episodes, or a rant. From that it turned into an overall theme of “fiction.” Take that as you want. It’s a broad subject and that’s how I want my blog to come across.

I do few recaps but you can expect The Walking Dead to pop up every week as the show runs. Most are reviews or a talk about the subject at hand. Unboxings evolved into my posts as well as tags. I used to do a “Women in Fiction” series that turned into “Fighters in Fiction” and “Top 6” episodes, characters, etc.

Three posts per week is my usual count but that may turn into two or four every once in a while, depending what I’m working on.

To sum this up I’ll say why I originally started to blog: to write more, get that writing out there for people to see/critic, and become better.

Other Notes

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